Monday, September 16, 2013

Badass obstacle Kitchener Ontario

We were in the 10:40a heat , so we had left home at 6:30am.
Stopped for coffee and drive to Nicci's house, switched over to her car and on our way!
Made the 1.5. Hr drive to Brooke's and switched vehicles again. 
Once we finally got to the parking lot (total confusion thru this sub division ) we changed and made our way to the entrance. 
It was pretty locked down that you needed ID to come in and there was no in and outs once you were in.
T shirt and bib/chip grab was super easy and organized . We met up with another 2 people Brooke knew, and walked to the starting balloon.
It was after 10:30 when we had got out if the car so we weren't started till the 11 heat . They were so great and let each heat start half and half to avoid congestion . The energy and MC really pumped up the crowd.
Being at a ski resort the start line literally went straight up a hill, down - turns corner into another large hill. LIKE A SKI HILL!
First obstacle at the top of 2nd hill was 15 push ups, run down a hill and thru tires.
There was 30 obstacles in total and you were give. The option of 20 push ups if you chose to bypass one of them.
I did once. It was a tube crawl and a long wait till my turn. I didn't want to wait 10 minutes to get thru it. So I dropped and gave 20 ;)
I loved being thru the trail parts (except getting stuck behind a walker) , there wasn't a ton if mud in this run, but lots of water.
Finished in 1:15

The after stuff was amazing, one free beer, free sausage (not great for me), tons of water, oranges, vector bars and rock star energy! 
Cool medals and a hot black and yellow tee!
A+ run that was greatly organized !!