Sunday, June 23, 2013

Color me rad 5km Toronto

Fun- ya 
Well organized - not so much.

Their "system" was down during kit pick up. Sunglasses only had red left.
There was no water on the tables at the half way point. They were filling as we were approaching.
And final distance on my garmin (I didn't wear for time but curious about distance) was 4.28 km
But it was their first year in Canada- so I get there'd be some hiccups.

It was nearly impossible to run- it was so close to a cattle herding -hahaha
So you'd get a nice pace going only to stop dead from the people. Not to mention the heat- wowza

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rest Day (whats that?)

So I decided I needed to 'take a break' today.  43 km in running and biking in 3 days, which included hills and intervals-- I took an easy day.

Which means, I cut our hilly lawn with the push mower for 2 hrs............ I think I sweat more than I do running!

I turned on my pedometer and I did manage 5ish km while pushing and pulling the mower.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Shorter runs

I've been digging the bike so much- I bike to a trail, run the trail and bike home. I've been about half and half for the distances. And already logged 130+km this month.

So shorter runs but quality runs. Tons of hills (8-11per workout depending on hill size )
Some speedy intervals with some rest periods in between. Which is a blessing in this heavy humid weather!! I love that the garmin grabs your best pace in there - sometimes I've been in the 3's p/km - not that I can sustain it for long , but high 4s are more common and I can stay with it for longer. 

And the last time on a bike was probably around 12 yrs old- I don't remember hills hurting my a$$ so much! Or giving me wobbly legs. Hoping that strengthening my legs helps with running turnover.

Not a running pic but the pig is so cute and smiling!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Still cycling !

Really been enjoying it!

I bike to a certain point,  run a few km and bike home.
Today was 8 hills (all had a pace at top of hill 5/mpk or faster.
6+km biked
2nd run / walk on evening with gymnastic moms- approximately 6.5-7 km