Monday, January 23, 2012

Another year wiser?

Yesterday was my birthday.  Quiet weekend, and so different from any birthdays I celebrated in my 20's..... or even ever!

I had no desire to go out ( I think New Years Eve filled my quota for a while. hehehe)  So a quiet morning at home, took my one daughter to gymnastics-and met a friend for coffee (she introduced me to a new coffee flavour..... white chocolate mocha, non fat, no whip, peppermint shot)  and my long run in perfect temps.

I have really been taking my long runs easy, tempo runs speedy--after some great advice, it's really sunk in.  And strangely, I happened to glance at my Garmin, to keep myself honest, and thought 'oh I must be running around a 6min pace' ........ nope 5:10m pace!  And it felt so easy.  So I'm a believer! HA!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Outside, sure, NO problem!  BUT on a treadmill, I never thought I could would do it!  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Honestly, I was dreading it.  I was actually thinking I would deal with the MINUS 18, over dah dah dah 'THE DREADMILL'.

I did find it enjoyable actually.  I have issues with running outside and wanting to run fast, but I was able to slow and control my pace and have a true LSD.   Baby slept, I ran-- now the joy of cleaning the house! HA!

Other news-but in the same topic family:  I am writing my Personal Trainer exam in April.  Gives me time to get Peterborugh Half,  and ATB out of the way, and then study for April. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Minus 4 and that feels warm

I dont know what's been going on with me. HEHEHE, last yr I was running in snowstorms and made no excuses to run outside.  The last few weeks, I've really been wimping out!  Using the treadmill or lifting weights instead.  I do think having the kids home has encouraged my behaviour. 
But today -4, and it felt so nice!  Even though there was no sun, it wasnt very windy.  Was a great reminder of how much I love running and feeling the cool air in my lungs.
9km done in 46min. 

Monday, January 2, 2012


Had a great holiday, and probally took to many days off.  GRRR!  I did work out, but didnt run.  I think mentally I needed the running break, but with the kids off school, holidays and weather-- it's not been the conditions to get out there.
That said, today is looking like HELL as well, but will definitely give it a shot!  I may have to treadmill more often this yr.... PUKE!

So resolutions.... what are they??  Who made some??  Mine are:
Run further
Eat better (not that I don't eat healthy, but I will not eat if my ideal choices aren't available, which then somedays, I dont eat enough.)
Spend less.  (Till debt do us part, hoarders etc etc... YEP that's me!)
Yell less.  (4 kids, enough said~~ha!!!)