Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of the year

2013 didn't bring all the running for me I wanted . 
Disappointing , but as the year ends I've realized how much I've missed the miles and how excited I am to start a new year with new goals.

I just ran with the local running room for the Resolution Run 5k . It was approx -10 and snowy on the trail but swift. We were given a jacket for sign up. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jolly jog 5k

Me and 2 kiddos , Sofie and her 2 , Nicci and justice all met up and did a small local 5k run
Lindsay jolly jog, which hosted about 400 people, a great chilli lunch (with vegetarian option!) , and a ton of door prizes.
It wasn't timed and I wish they had of rethought the tractor pulling Santas shack (really took up space and slowed people down).
But for 20$ for adults, and 3$ for kids- a small reusable bag filled with goodies- who can complain!!
It was my first time running a race in a long while, so I decided I was just going to run steady and not kill myself. It was mentioned that there would be carollers at each km marker-and there was at the first . I kept waiting for the 2nd- assumed it was at the 3rd (actually was a band playing and they really rocked!!) 
I noticed mr. Grinch pants in front of me was heading back with a bottle of water, so I couldn't believe it was over. I thought we were only at the 4k mark. 
I finished in just over 26min- which I am ok with considering there was no point where I felt "damn when is this gonna be done!?!?" And I hadnt pushed myself, not a PB but I wasn't aiming for one that day either.
I would def do that run again---besides the whole bombing scare . YIKES!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pammie got her groove back

I've been trying to get the running endurance back.  So far it's been going pretty well. I knew it wouldn't be too hard, it's just hardER when you have 4 kids.  Appts, sick kids, school, activities etc etc can really throw a rock in your plans.

I signed up for a 5k at the end of this month, just to gauge where I am and for obvious motivation b/c let's face it, after a break in training it's hard to lace up once again.

AND registration for the Mud Hero is open and I've pressured motivated some friends to sign up! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Been a while

Running had taken A back seat for me- the nagging ankle I had last winter was bothering me again during the summer. Between that and the heat- my bike became my best friend. Seemed nice at the time, but when I tried running I noticed how severely my running was affected. YIKES!

Now that the cooler temps have arrived, I've been trying to build back up speed and endurance. 
I have a great plan that was made for me last yr, which started end of November , as a trainer for Around the Bay 30k.
My IDEA is to use the month of November as a build up and start the plan again. I have had no ankle injury since late August , so I am hoping I should be able to get thru the winter with no complications. 
I signed up for a local 5k with some friends at the end of November - which should a) let me see where I am and b) bring back my competitive spirit since it's been so long since I've RUN!

**fingers crossed**

I haven't updated my km in so long :/

Monday, September 16, 2013

Badass obstacle Kitchener Ontario

We were in the 10:40a heat , so we had left home at 6:30am.
Stopped for coffee and drive to Nicci's house, switched over to her car and on our way!
Made the 1.5. Hr drive to Brooke's and switched vehicles again. 
Once we finally got to the parking lot (total confusion thru this sub division ) we changed and made our way to the entrance. 
It was pretty locked down that you needed ID to come in and there was no in and outs once you were in.
T shirt and bib/chip grab was super easy and organized . We met up with another 2 people Brooke knew, and walked to the starting balloon.
It was after 10:30 when we had got out if the car so we weren't started till the 11 heat . They were so great and let each heat start half and half to avoid congestion . The energy and MC really pumped up the crowd.
Being at a ski resort the start line literally went straight up a hill, down - turns corner into another large hill. LIKE A SKI HILL!
First obstacle at the top of 2nd hill was 15 push ups, run down a hill and thru tires.
There was 30 obstacles in total and you were give. The option of 20 push ups if you chose to bypass one of them.
I did once. It was a tube crawl and a long wait till my turn. I didn't want to wait 10 minutes to get thru it. So I dropped and gave 20 ;)
I loved being thru the trail parts (except getting stuck behind a walker) , there wasn't a ton if mud in this run, but lots of water.
Finished in 1:15

The after stuff was amazing, one free beer, free sausage (not great for me), tons of water, oranges, vector bars and rock star energy! 
Cool medals and a hot black and yellow tee!
A+ run that was greatly organized !!

Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm so BADASS!

Well, I will be on Sept 14th. HA!

7km and 30 obstacles.  There is at least of 6 of us going this time, which includes my 12 yr old again.  He is so happy and still swimming in his glory of the Mud Hero. 

I've been getting the running bug back again, and am remembering how I love the sweat and heart racing of a great run. It's been pretty hot again the last few days, like 29+++++ degrees, but I get out there.
PLUS considering I have a half marathon AND a 25 km in the next 30 days....... ummm I NEED to get out there.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

*sheepish grin*

Still alive, still going....probably not as strong as I'd like.

June and July was a lot of biking with a run (short) thrown in here and there. The weather was so humid and kids off for summer - biking seemed so quick and easy.

The weather had returned to normal temps , and no I feel like I have to teach myself to run all over again. UGH!
And I realized that the midsummer 15k is the 17th - umm I don't think my lack of running is going to help here . 
Oh then I'm backing it up with a mud hero the next weekend.

I may be taking a different feel for my blog by the end if August . Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Horrible blogging

With the kids home and the heat, I have been terrible at updating here and keeping track of my mileage-which admittedly has probably been more biking then running lately.  I will run a few kilometers while biking, but with the heat, it's been so nice to have the wind in my face.

A friend of mine entered this contest, which I think is awesome! Such an inspiration, and on a day when you don't feel like exercising, seeing how Jen turned her life around and makes fitness a part of each day, you definitely get your motivation back!

https://www.facebook.com/MyAthleteDreamContest  <--- check it out, you can vote every 24 hours!!

With the running, I have to admit, I have been enjoying short burst of speed.  It's really making me reconsider distance running and working towards a marathon, and maybe concentrating on 5k and 10k and taking some time off of those distances.

I am going to have to synch my garmin on dailymile.com and see what I am missing off of my ticker here. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Color me rad 5km Toronto

Fun- ya 
Well organized - not so much.

Their "system" was down during kit pick up. Sunglasses only had red left.
There was no water on the tables at the half way point. They were filling as we were approaching.
And final distance on my garmin (I didn't wear for time but curious about distance) was 4.28 km
But it was their first year in Canada- so I get there'd be some hiccups.

It was nearly impossible to run- it was so close to a cattle herding -hahaha
So you'd get a nice pace going only to stop dead from the people. Not to mention the heat- wowza

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rest Day (whats that?)

So I decided I needed to 'take a break' today.  43 km in running and biking in 3 days, which included hills and intervals-- I took an easy day.

Which means, I cut our hilly lawn with the push mower for 2 hrs............ I think I sweat more than I do running!

I turned on my pedometer and I did manage 5ish km while pushing and pulling the mower.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Shorter runs

I've been digging the bike so much- I bike to a trail, run the trail and bike home. I've been about half and half for the distances. And already logged 130+km this month.

So shorter runs but quality runs. Tons of hills (8-11per workout depending on hill size )
Some speedy intervals with some rest periods in between. Which is a blessing in this heavy humid weather!! I love that the garmin grabs your best pace in there - sometimes I've been in the 3's p/km - not that I can sustain it for long , but high 4s are more common and I can stay with it for longer. 

And the last time on a bike was probably around 12 yrs old- I don't remember hills hurting my a$$ so much! Or giving me wobbly legs. Hoping that strengthening my legs helps with running turnover.

Not a running pic but the pig is so cute and smiling!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Still cycling !

Really been enjoying it!

I bike to a certain point,  run a few km and bike home.
Today was 8 hills (all had a pace at top of hill 5/mpk or faster.
6+km biked
2nd run / walk on evening with gymnastic moms- approximately 6.5-7 km

Monday, May 27, 2013

New adventures

Today was another day on the bike, and I ran too. 

Short distances for both but my lower half is sore from the biking yesterday!

I biked 2.5k, followed by a 2.5k run, 3.5 k bike and another .5k run.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


10.5 KM today, for first ride since I cant remember when!! lol

It felt good and was fun, my butt was sore. :)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back on some trails

A bit nervous though, I have to admit I've been carrying my bear spray!
The weather here has literally been up and down. 22 degrees Sunday , 11 degrees Monday and then shoot back up to 20+ on Tuesday.

After running the fields and trails again, as much as I love it- I have to do short spurts because I notice my ankle is tender again.
Cathy loves her leash, and every time I leave I think she thinks its run time.
I tried the New Balance 750 v1 on a short 5 km run.
Hmmm not sure I loved them. I am going to try again, but they felt too roomy (size 8) and I noticed a pain thru my left foots arch. I am hoping because it was abnormally warm that day, I was just having an off day .

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mmmm shoes

Another pair to add to the mix!
New Balance 750 v1

They look very similar to the Saucony I just purchased, and I considered the teal. They weren't available in my size PLUS who am I kidding-- I LOVE PINK!

Weight is about 7oz, will try them tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Did I ever mention Santa brought a puppy?
Did I mention I am a cat person??

Since the weather has been warming and my hamstrings were screaming (??) I took Cathy (yes that's her name) for a walk/jog on the leash.
It was pretty much her first time on the leash- but for a few times the kids have put it on and walked her around the living room.
Cathy is a pretty ugly cute dog. She remind me of a 50s actress who has had her face pulled to often and her eyes are on her forehead. Add in her terrible underbite.... She made me laugh running.
BUT she did awesome!
Nicci and I ended up registering for the color me rad run coming to Toronto! Sooo excited!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Updates and babbling

I ended up using my $35 grift certificate from the Sporting Life 10k for a pair of Saucony Vittara.
I always have issues with Saucony shoes. 7.5 is too small and 8 too big -- on one foot! But I keep going back.
My first few runs were on the treadmill in case I needed to return them.
First run was awesome- did intervals on the treadmill and they really felt great.
The shoes claim to have a wider toe box (a selling point for me!) and a 0 mm drop.
2nd night the toes felt tight on my right foot (it's usually my left) but not unbearable. A light 5 km .
Today I took them outside for a hilly route and they were really good! Light and very comforting.

Saturday was the Marden Marathon. Brooke, Nicci and I were signed up for the half .
I left my house before 6am - grabbed coffee and Nicci and we carried on to Toronto to grab Brooke . We got slightly confused for the turn off where to go- but seemed to get back on track.
In dire need of gas- we pulled off and the broke down station we went to wouldn't read my card and the attendant seemed unwilling to offer any help. Found 20$ and quickly pumped and got out of there.
Unable to park at the race site we needed to go up to the next lot - half field. Changed shirt and shoes , complained of the cold, rainy weather and the shuttle was pulling up to bring runners down to the site.
We realized we wouldn't be able to grab that shuttle I ran ahead to get kits and such. Noticed the time as I was walking up and figured out that the half had started and gone- 15 min earlier!!
Called Nicci's cell and told them we'd be switching to the 10k. We had 15min to get our bibs and switch it all over.

NOW the website mentioned "mostly flat with moderate hills". <---lies! Lol
It was hilly- steep and rolling . Ha
The "field" I parked in - turned to mush mud and I got stuck and needed to get pushed out. 2 of the 4 that pushed me out were waiting for a tow truck b/c they were stuck so bad. YIKES!

Today I took advantage of the nice weather for a quick 7km down the dirt roads with the new shoes and HILLS! Lots and lots

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easy day

Today I was short on time and we are doing a late Easter dinner this evening, so an easy walk/jog with the stroller. 2 kids in it and a hilly route still makes a great workout !

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paying attention

For the last 5 or 6 runs, I keep my iPhone in my pocket, but haven't turned on my music.
I have run on occasion with no music before- when its been cold and my phone has died, or I have had earphones just completely putz out during a run. It's always seemed devastating , the thought of running with out that distraction , singing along to my fave songs, or having an upbeat song for hills or a faster run.
BUT I started hating the feeling of buds in my ears, or having the cord slip inside my sport bra , OR having a least favourite song pop up in my playlist!
I usually run with one bud any how, so it's never blaring -more "company" as I am always running alone.
But I have been feeling I wanted one less distraction, and I like it. I am not fiddling with the cord, no pulling from my ear. I can hear my breathing and I am focusing more on ME than what is playing for music.
I still carry my phone for safety- being rural and running long from home. Plus with 3 kids at school, you never know if someone is going to call home sick!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow

Had to resort to a treadmill run yesterday . It was so windy my vehicle was blowing on the road- was pretty sure "I" wouldn't stay put!
Followed up with 30 minutes of core. Good workout!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First post run

I had been walking Monday and Tuesday to loosen up, but did a steady 5.5km today and that seemed to fix any stiffness I had left.

^^ happy gal! ^^

Monday, March 25, 2013

Horrible run

Today was Around the Bay, and though I'd been dreading it, I knew I would finish.
At 10pm the night before, my husband and I decided I'd drive up alone-without him and dragging the kids for the day.
I tossed and turned all night, worrying if I'd be able to find parking, be late, and driving home alone after.

I checked the clock at 1am, 4am and 5:30am. Alarm went off after 6am and I hit snooze once. YAWN
Driving 2 hrs went pretty smoothly- and I did end up finding parking quite easily.
But I just wasn't feeling it. Already I felt defeated at the thought of having no one at the finish.
At 5km I considered quitting- I just like I wanted to go home. 8km I thought I will think about it at 10km.
There was a train going thru at 9km which brought A LOT of runners to a screeching halt.
10km I took a gel and noticed how far off my 10km time I was.
I decided I would finish and not care over time. I put my watch inside my sleeve so I couldn't look at it.
At 15km I stopped at the washrooms, texted Scott and a few friends to update them and I carried on. I felt a bit better with some encouraging words and knowing the first part was done, seemed ok.
Rolling hills and the steep hill were after that, and I did stop for a high 5 from the little person.
From about 12km on I was kicking myself for wearing my Adidas . I had retired them and it became painfully aware thru my toes and top of left foot why I had.
I was running against the wind for the last few km, but all I kept thinking was "it's only 4km and then you are DONE"
From my garmin time I was 20min slower than last year. Disappointed but I realize I just wasn't feeling it today- so considering that, I am pleased I finished.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome spring!

Though it doesn't look very "Springy" outside, the temp did seem a bit warmer today when not in the wind.

Decided to jog thru the fields- the footing was uneven but all fresh undisturbed snow and it was very nice and relaxing.
Slow 5 km.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Few days to 30km

I've been tossing and turning and dreading Sunday. 

My husband says 'Why, you've run it before?"  Which deep down, I know I will do it, and finish it.  I was just hoping that somewhere I've maybe improved a little bit.  And then I think, how do I know I havent.  I've already written myself off as failing (in my mind) and I havent even run it yet.

So trying TRYING to shake out the negativity.  Taking a relaxed week this week in terms of running.  Some treadmill and weights (light) and enlisting my husband for lots of leg massages.

Side note, There are a few virtual races (free) that I registered for.  Great idea to keep you motivated and since I am registered for other runs, I just combine the 2!




Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring has sprung..........kinda

We had some great weather last week!  It was so nice (but muddy and wet) to run with out the harsh wind in your face.  BUT this morning , I check the temps and it's MINUS 8!  BRRR!

And what does spring bring??  New animals!  Our cat had her babies on Tuesday morning.  She's a black kitty and she had 3 black kitties!

So with the wet melting snow, I've stayed out of the fields and am back to roads.  I've been doing longer distances, and then taking a rest day (weights no running) in between.  During the longer distances, I've been adding some speed bursts here and there. 

I think the ankle soreness in Fall, and then all the trail running, slowed my pace TOO much, and I am attempting to get it back and then get faster......... UGH.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


1.20 KM warm up


1.20 km cool down

Felt good, it snowed a lot last night but the roads were clear.  Unfortunately the trees weren't. OUCH, must have been to heavy on one branch-and the wind knocked a piece off onto MY EYE!
All I could think was of was "A Christmas Story"  , *You'll shoot your eye out.*
Scared me. HA

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Battle mode

Honestly, Sunday scared me and how weak I felt. My legs apparently can handle lots of kilometres - just not all at once. Ha
So Monday I rested and read. And decided to back up Sundays 21km with another long run.
The weather was great and I chose the train tracks that were converted to a snowmobile, walking/ running, horse trail.
It's a nice flat route, pretty but covered in snow still.
Surprisingly my legs felt better today than they did Sunday . Even fighting against the snow, the snowmobilers and HORSES on the trail.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Long runs are SO important!

Well today was a wake up call for me! I have been cheating my long runs.  NOT intentionally, but with sick kids (one of my turkeys had missed 3 wks of school) and snow days ........... ugh

I had run a 21k run in November and nothing over 16km since......... umm ya, putting in lots of miles a week, but lots of small and mid sized runs. 
Today running 21 km, I felt it.  I was 'fine' until about 17 km and I started to need walk breaks, 18 km I needed to stretch, walked halfway up a hill on 19 km and prayed for the end the rest of the way!

I also ran the 1k with my kiddos who are LOVING runs and getting a medal at the end! And I love that they love it!

So now I have played it over in my head all day and I KNOW where my weakness is...... and I can work on it over the next month for the ATB.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wild N' Windy Wednesday

It's chilly in the wind, not bad out. I did a quick 5+ starting on roads and ended coming home thru the fields.

I am feeling more fast on the snow and I love the feeling of darting across the top of the field .

My new mantra- well 2 actually -
1. Step outside your comfort zone. It's so easy (especially on the snow) to have a walk break. My legs do burn from the extra work from pushing off in snow. I've been working hard , repeating "outside the comfort zone" and if needed a slow jog till my legs relax.

2. I can go fast, I can go slow, I can go places no one else can go . <--- totally Nelly Furtato, but always seems to come in my iPod at the right time.