Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring has sprung..........kinda

We had some great weather last week!  It was so nice (but muddy and wet) to run with out the harsh wind in your face.  BUT this morning , I check the temps and it's MINUS 8!  BRRR!

And what does spring bring??  New animals!  Our cat had her babies on Tuesday morning.  She's a black kitty and she had 3 black kitties!

So with the wet melting snow, I've stayed out of the fields and am back to roads.  I've been doing longer distances, and then taking a rest day (weights no running) in between.  During the longer distances, I've been adding some speed bursts here and there. 

I think the ankle soreness in Fall, and then all the trail running, slowed my pace TOO much, and I am attempting to get it back and then get faster......... UGH.

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