Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New training program

I am slightly (VERY VERY VERY) excited to be trying a new running program!!

My friend, who runs a 3:05 marathon (!!!!!), has taken the time to make me up  schedule and lead me in the direction to some new PBs and today is day 1.  
Only downside, some days are 2 runs a day runs, which with my kids busy activities and daylight savings time, I am soooooo going to have to drag out my dreadtreadmill. 

BUT seeing the amazing results she's had with her running over the past 3 years, I am totally going to follow it as closely as my litter (ha) allows me! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

People are sick!

I've been noticing a ton of garbage in the ditch lately out on my runs.  Like bags of garbage, a toilet, car batteries, the dash of a car, and some large sort of blanket or tent. 
It really bothers me that people have no mind of what that does to our environment. !!!

This summer, my son and I picked up over 100 beer cans while we were out running and riding. INSANE!  And king can sized, like these people are driving!

OK, rant over.

I'm a little worried about my ankle.  I noticed it 'sore' after the Mad Dog Scramble, but assumed it was the different type of running and going sideways down some of the mudslides.
After last weeks Downsview Half, DURING the half, I noticed it felt tight.   Last week, I did 3 slow 5k runs to test it and rest it.  And it felt ok.  More bruised when I touch it and it has been getting itchy on the skin outside of it.

After yesterdays 12 mile long run, this am, it's pretty achy and a slight limp when I walk.  YIKES!



So alas, probally no run today.
I tried my injinji socks yesterday for the first time.  LOVE them, I was very unsure even at first putting them on.  I have many 'toe' socks, but never have run in them.  very comfy, didnt slide and I didnt even notice the separated toes. A+.  
Hmmm, looking at that pic, my right ankle does look slightly swollen. (that pic is pre run)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sleep, or lack there of.....

About to drag my butt up and get ready for a run.  I have been up since 2am with a toddler who INSISTS on getting in my bed, back to her bed, to my bed every night.

She usually starts about 5am since the time change, but seems to be sneaking in earlier each night.  And will stand and yell until I finally get her.  For the fear of waking any one else in the house, I HAVE to go get her.

The other morning was 4am, and last night 2am.  Maybe I will run to a secluded area and have a nap under a tree!

If you see me collapsed some where, press PAUSE on my Garmin!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I've been back to trying to get some solid miles and good workouts in.  Hard when 4 kids are sharing germs, and cooler weather just means MORE germs.

Sunday, Nicci and I decided to hit Downsview *me the half marathon and her the 5k* .  It promised to be a flat and fast course.  It wasn't flat.  The first 4 km were actually hilly through out the park and around.  (Which means being an out and back course...... you are finishing with those same hills.) 

I went in with the thoughts of just finishing and enjoying my run.  Honestly, looking at my training log, I hadnt had a good long run in a few months.  There was the Run for the Toad, but being a trail run, it wasnt a 'consistant' run.  Sick kids, and entering shorter distances on Sundays, I just wanted a nice long run with no excuses.

It was chilly in the morning with the promise of being warm that day, BUT the woman on the radio said high of 4 with rain.  I threw on a sport bra and a light lululemon pullover.  ( Wasnt as light as I liked, as by 5k, I was HOT)

My Garmin was beeping about 30+ steps before the km markers on course, and after the initial few km, I really felt like it was running from one parking lot to another parking lot.  The orange pylons seemed all over the place, but they did have tons of volunteers to usher us where we needed to go.  And the volunteers were great with calling runners by name to cheer them on. 

I kept thinking how GLAD I was that Scott and the kids didnt come for the scenic beauty that was promised.  I had mentioned them coming to look at "all the vintage planes' that were going to be there. 
ONE.   Somewhere around 8km. 

My toes were aching on this run, I wore my NB and I've run longISH in them , but the first at a full half distance.  Maybe stupid, but nothing that I couldnt handle or would stop me from wearing them again.
One thing I really dislike about some out and back, is running PAST the finish line with another 4k or so to go.  Very frustrating and I hate knowing to be so close and yet so far away.  Then of course, as mentioned those lovely hills in the beginning.  We had a nice down hill slope around 20 km , sharp right turn and UP HILL for the last 500m or so to the finish. 
I was 2h 3m, and considering the amount I walked ( in the last 4km..... those hills were hard on tired legs, and some weird 'ache' in my left groin/hip) I am ok with it.  Not my best time and really deep down would have like a PB , but knowing where my training has been since August, a lot of running, just not long runs--I know I have growth room!
As always though, Nicci and I had a great time together, lots of laughing and chatting.  Which is 99% of our reason for going!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Well, probally the most fun I've had in a pair of running shoes!  Sunday morning, Nicci and I drove to a top secret location (we knew the start but not the course) and it was COLD and it was RAINY. 
Finding the school kit pick up area was pretty easy--love GPS on my phone!  And it was in a gorgeous area, the houses were huge and beautiful.
We arrived with an hour to spare, and grabbed our kits, bibs and went back to the car to fuel up and chat.
Everyone was given a "group" number for start times. Nicci was a 4, I was a 6 and there was no particular order to the starts.  You were either Wild, Crazy or Insane!!
Slower runners started first (they asked 5k, 8k finish times during registration) and they started putting people into coral groups.  I kept waiting as they were letting runners go, me and 3 other 6's.  We were 2nd last to leave.  One guy was all by himself and he was group 11. 
I didnt quite understand the 'process' but Wild, Crazy and Insane all had different run routes and some were shorter, the faster you were the farther you ran.  BUT I didnt notice other paths on the course (marked off in pink ribbon) but there were volunteers telling you left or right etc.  So obviously it WAS there, they were watching your number on your bib and then directing.

They had given warnings at race start, USE THE ROPES on the hills.  OMG hilly and muddy, and so thankful for the ropes!  It was hilarious.  Jumping logs and the friendly competition but oddly teamwork was just so much fun.
We crossed some parking lot and then ended up back into the forest again, and there was a dead raccoon hidden in the leaves, coincidence or left by the trail coordinater, not sure, but kinda eery.
They had mentioned in the email updates, that there would be at least 1 water crossing, there was 3!  and knee height and COLD.  After the 3 crossing, it was up one last hill (so steep we needed a rope) and then up the side street back to the school finish.  My legs were numb from the knee down from the cold of the water, it was hard to pick up a good 'finishing' pace. 
I had wore my Adidas Mana's for this run.  They have probally 1000km on them and what ever tread they did have is literally flat.  Not ideal for most of this run, there were great on the regular leafy path, but the muddy down hills I definitely WIPED OUT!  Probally a lot harder then I felt at the time, but I laughed my ass   butt off.  I had mud caked under my nails, I had it on the band of my garmin, the palms of my hands and well covered from the waist down. 
I had hit my garmin off during one fall, and then noticed and turned it back on, and then forgot to turn it off when I was done.  So I have no idea of my time and I am short the distance.  They haven't posted results yet, I am curious--but I know I wasnt in the top 4.  *wink*
It's a small run, and apparently been going for 21 years.  Very well run, everyone seems to know everyone and they were all very friendly.  First, second and fourth place to all runners, and then a dirtiest dog as well.  I was sure I should could have had it, but there was a kid who won instead. Eh next yr??  I did win a tee in the door prizes.

I REALLY am digging the trail runs.  I am excited to see what I add to the 2013 run agenda with more trails!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Not sure she even ran, she was so clean!

Butt slide

scaling some steep hills