Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kicking the NIKE habit..........


Starting with the Nike..... the last few runs, I haven't even taken my Sportband with me.  Its' been acting wonky, not measuring my full run, and their website has gone to sh crap, and takes forever to log in, blah blah blah...... BOO NIKE!  I am really disappointed too, b/c I was in a bunch of challenges and was kicking butt! 
+ I just adore my Garmin!  I've been playing with the settings and D'oh me, I never realized it could do so much!

So the 1500km, YAY!!! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

An update

Enjoying a cookie, and the sights!
So September has been great for running so far!
Love, love, LOVING the cooler temps! Older kids are at school and I put the 2 babies in the double and off we go!  A lot of run/walking with the stroller, but I usually drop them at mom's and continue on for a few miles.
 1st week back of school, I managed 67 km.  This week was a little less-40ish, as I took Friday off to rest for the 5km my friend and I did Saturday.
Was a PB (25:43) for me, as I had never really run a chip timed 5km AND I have been pregnant nearly 2 years straight (ha!)
Small BUT nice run, and a great cause.  Sick kids hospital in Toronto, and I heard the announcer say over 10,000$ was raised! WHOOO HOO!

So another week starts tomorrow, and this weekend brings an Island Girl adventure with my cousin Nicci.  We are relaying the half, so 10.5k each.  YAY!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year.........


 Not that my day gets 'much' easier, because the 2 babies are still home and I have no older kids to fetch me stuff! 

Get Mammas pryin' bar
But my 2 year old was super excited to get out the jogging stroller today, so I took the 2 of them in for a run/walk.  11km done.
I was a little nervous because my knee was feeling funky all day Monday after Sundays run, but I guess it just needed to be loosened up.  Felt fine today.

I've noticed since starting this blog, I have an obsession with The Simpson's. HA! Everything in life can be compared to an episode.