Monday, May 28, 2012

A new view

Sunday's long run brought some new trials to the mix.  Because I have to have Piper at gymnastics early on Sunday, I don't get to run until well after lunch.
I started with the Chariot, and took Piper and Paxton down to my mom's (3.54km)  I had left my running shoes at my mom's for Fridays run, so the first 3.5km were done in a NIKE stability shoe from the Bowerman Series.
I changed shoes, filled my small Nathan bottles and stuck them in my crops pockets.  I wanted to get about 13km in by myself, figuring with the 3.5k and then I will be going home again, I will get 20k in.

I decided to bring my Ipod touch, rather than the nano which it was nice to have a camera option (pics coming) but not as convinent to change songs.  I went straight and took a route I hadnt run, figuring  different eye scenery would be nice.

It was nice, quite a few trees, so the back roads were shaded in areas.  BUT HOLY MOUNTAINS HILLS!  Don't get me wrong, I do love my hills, but these were pretty big. (ha!)
I have to admit, I did walk a couple. *blush*

The road shown, is where I came from. Very pretty, no cars.
Added in the heat, I wasnt really timing or pacing, just wanted to get the distance in.  But it was 20.11km , 2h 17m. 
I will definitely run this area again.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


YEP, that's me!  The heat was just a bit too much for me this week.  (I know, I know, what will I do in July or August!?!?)  I just think I needed some time to adjust to it, so I did stroller jogs this week with the 2 kids in the Chariot.  We make a fun game of it (arm pumps for the transports to see how many we can get to honk)
It's so cute, even Paxton gets her little fist going-but for some reason thinks she needs to punch her leg!?!
Today we watched a tractor irrigate a field.  Steele was in awe!

So it's 3.5km to my moms house, with some steep hills at the end, then we head home after a drink.  Takes me about 24 minutes each way with the 2 kids in the stroller and a walk/run (I HAVE to walk the hills with them both in the stroller.) Steele is 40+lbs and Paxton is 22ish pounds.  My calves and @$$ are loving the up hills!  Need to work on the down hills with 2 kids in stroller, I notice a heel strike that I don't have normally.
Also this summer, I elected myself to cut the grass......with a push mower.  We had a guy coming to do it,but let's face it.  I'm sick and thought I'd love the extra exercise.  It takes me 2 afternoons to finish but I DID IT ALL ON MY OWN! :)
That + with now 6 cats (kittens are opening their eyes at a week old) you can kind of see where I am headed here........ 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things I love and some I don't

Mother's day was a trip to the outlet mall, YAY!! And of course, LULULEMON.  DROOL!

I picked up the Power Vinyasa Crop  in  grape color.

Probally my FAVORITE pair of crops EVER!  They have a really big pocket on each side, and I put my IPOD and kleenex in one side, and my Nathan water bottle from my belt in the other.  FITS PERFECT, there is no bounce. There is also a hidden pocket in the waistband!

Things I don't love..... EW, I was out of spinach this morning, and used baby arugula in my smoothie.  NOT  a good taste.

Another thing I love, on a more personal note.  My cat had her kittens yesterday!  She had 6 total, but one was stillborn.  3 black, 3 gray!  SO CUTE!
I couldnt find her when I got home yesterday, and I was weeding the flowerbed around the front of the house, and there she was! She and the kittens are moved in and safe. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Womens Starbucks Run

I was REALLY looking forward to this run, because Miss Piper-loo was joining in for her first 5km.  I don't know if she was more excited to run, or get a hot chocolate at Starbucks on the way!  HA!

Early rise, I was awake at 5:30a, and woke Piper minutes later.  We were driving to meet my cousin Nicci, and her daughter Justice, who is a month older than Piper and doing the 5km too.

PLUS it was also Miss Nicci's birthday, so we grabbed her a birthday pop at Starbucks to add to her present! 
Excitement in the back seat!

Working it!

John Stanton MC'd

The 10k and 5k ran the same course THEN the 10 carried on, thru a park, trail, bridges and topsy turvy all over the map, past pedestrians, bikes and dogs! Loved the organization , not fond of the course.  But loved the town, seemed small and out of a movie. Very quaint and clean.
I had finished the 10k, and was watching for Nicci to finish the 10k and for the girls and Brooke to come in off the 5k.  I saw them coming, and John Stanton was a few feet away MC'ing the run, and her commented on Piper running in, and the determination.  I was tearful watching her and her form and speed! LOVED IT! I yelled to John, " THAT'S MY BABY GIRL!" and he said 'you should be proud!" 
Proud of the BLING!

Still Smiling!
Because we are girls!

Post run birthday drink

Mothers day from MY mommy

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mantra Day!

Today was tough, I think I need to admit that I am not feeling well. HA!  Mommy deserves a sick day too, RIGHT?? 
But I pushed thru, definitely wasn't my strongest run, but I can call it a finished run! 
The heat + a lingering cold just set me over the edge today.  But intervals and hills complete!

1.25 warm up
6 x 5 min intervals
1:25min rest
5 hill repeats
1:25km cool down
11.70 km DONE! 
I repeated this as many times as I repeated that hill today!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yep I've said it outloud!

So I have been pretty silent on my dreams of running a full marathon, 42km, 26.2 miles.  Now matter HOW you say it, it's sounds daunting and overwhelming.  Earlier this week, I had the nerve to utter it outloud!  To actual people!  (Mainly my husband and mother--AKA Babysitters)  Figured I should warn them!

Now as scary as the distance sounds to me--the challenge of finding a training schedule to guide me - WAY WORSE!

A plan that takes you to the mileage, past the distance, with speed training, no speed training!  ARGH!  A running forum I frequent has offered so much advice, which I love, but I kind of want need someone to just TELL ME what to do.  HA.
Which is odd, because I've basically gotten this far by teaching myself.  (with the help of interweb and lots of trial and error)  I just feel so out of touch and lost for a full marathon.

SIDE NOTE:  My 6 year old Piper is running her first 5km on May 12th!!  WHOOOT WHOOOT! Her and her cousin Justice have done a few 1k's and asked if they could try a longer distance!  FO'SHO!!
We did a trial run/walk a few weeks ago, 45 min for her 5km.  NOT TOO SHABBY!!
Miss P is SO excited!