Monday, May 28, 2012

A new view

Sunday's long run brought some new trials to the mix.  Because I have to have Piper at gymnastics early on Sunday, I don't get to run until well after lunch.
I started with the Chariot, and took Piper and Paxton down to my mom's (3.54km)  I had left my running shoes at my mom's for Fridays run, so the first 3.5km were done in a NIKE stability shoe from the Bowerman Series.
I changed shoes, filled my small Nathan bottles and stuck them in my crops pockets.  I wanted to get about 13km in by myself, figuring with the 3.5k and then I will be going home again, I will get 20k in.

I decided to bring my Ipod touch, rather than the nano which it was nice to have a camera option (pics coming) but not as convinent to change songs.  I went straight and took a route I hadnt run, figuring  different eye scenery would be nice.

It was nice, quite a few trees, so the back roads were shaded in areas.  BUT HOLY MOUNTAINS HILLS!  Don't get me wrong, I do love my hills, but these were pretty big. (ha!)
I have to admit, I did walk a couple. *blush*

The road shown, is where I came from. Very pretty, no cars.
Added in the heat, I wasnt really timing or pacing, just wanted to get the distance in.  But it was 20.11km , 2h 17m. 
I will definitely run this area again.

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