Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is it hot in here??

WHAT THE EFF?? Who turned up the heat?
I remember this from last year, which was the whole reason I had dropped from the Midsummer 30k to the 15k, lol, BUT I refuse to allow myself to do it this yr.
There has been some crazy humidity going on, and I actually took 2 days off from running and did some in gym basement workouts.  I know most would say 'Why not get up early and run?"  Well 2 of my 4 kids don't like sleeping, and sometimes it's 4:30a before I even get to sleep!
So today ended up being a run/walk combination, that I tell myself will serve as intervals for this wk!

So I have mentioned before that I run some very VERY rural routes. And I definitely see some cool things. Now that I bring my IPOD touch with me, I can get more pics to post.
one did not hatch
Last week, I saw some Snapper turtle eggs.
Slight brag of one of the hills that I run:
Hard to see, but inbetween the trees at the VERY top is the top!!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Miss Minimus

I've been looking for a new pair of shoes to start breaking in because my Adidas are getting miles on them, and they don't make that version anymore.

Last week, I went to Sport Chek and tried on the Saucony Kinvara 3 and the New Balance Minimus 3090.  Both felt great on my feet, priced the same but as I had never heard of the NB, I decided to think for a few days and do some research.

The NB use revlite in their shoe, with a bunch of 'pods' on the outer sole.  Weighing in at 5.1 oz, and I noticed Foot Locker carried them in HOT PINK!!!
I went to a Foot Locker location, and they didn't have them in store, but would UPS to my house for an 8$ fee.  SOLD!!  (ps, I did ask Sport Chek, and the salesman said they wouldn't try to get me the other color other than what they had in store *black/teal*, and the NB wasn't even offered on the Sport Chek site)
At my door within 3 days!
Took them for a 6k run the first day, and I felt so light on my feet.  They do have quite a bit of cushioning.  They felt really GOOD!  Second day, I went super hilly 12+ km run, on a dirt road.  Whoopdee what??  My feet were still loving this shoe!!    I am shoe delight!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Well rested

Last week was just a terrible week for mileage.  Life and weather just didnt cooperate, and I had a weekly total of 8 miles.!

So, I used it as a cutback week, and put myself back into my weight room.  Which, I actually enjoyed and felt that familiar burn of lifting.
Saturday, I met up with Brookie, we picked up our race kits for the group doing the 1k/8k Alfie Shrubb, and we had a little retail therapy, hiding from the weather.
Bubble gum ice cream and not enough napkins

Sunday morning, up and at 'em early, and the weather was cool and gray but no rain. PERFECT running weather.  We arrived JUST in time for the kids to do the 1km run, Steele only had Gordie the Camel in mind.   (Side note: they had mentioned camel rides when we picked up kits, and then only allowed picture taking from behind Gordies fence corall)
Totally staring at the camel
Love their runs!

The 8km started an hour after the kids, so we had time to go get our chips from the school and get set up.  Starting the run, I wanted to stay about 5min km pace, I had read the course description and it said 'starting flat and coming to some hills, out and back"  I felt really good, and the hills turned out to be ONE hill (it was large) and I was unable to keep an eye on my pace anymore, because my garmin decided it was full at about a mile in. (my own fault--it's been warning me for a week that data was reaching limit)  I turned it off, because I could hear it beeping and imagined it was probally driving other runners insane.
A little blurry-running trio
I finished in just over 41minutes, and as per usual, I have those 2nd guessing thoughts, because I wasnt winded or tired, I really wished I had of pushed myself a little more. 
It was a great course, and pretty well organized.  (They could have used a few garbage cans around the race area, NOT just across the road  in the schoole, especially since they were giving out juice boxes to the kids)

And to top off the day, a beautiful rainbow outside my front door!