Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter has hit!

Well woke up this morning, dressed the kids and sent them out for the bus.  15-20 minutes later, we realized MAYBE the busses weren't coming this morning.

Checked the website and sure enough--cancelled.  Freezing rain and all that jazz.  Which also meant we were homebound, so no outdoor run for Mommy today.  I also have a cough, which is rattling in my chest (only symptom) which I am thinking is from running/ sweating in the frigid temps last wk!?!

My schedule (which I screwed up on Sunday, my long run was just short of 10miles when it should have been 15ish miles)  called for an easy 6-8km.  But with the weather outside and my HATE HATE HATE of treadmills--  (side note: I am not minding the one at the YMCA so far, but the TV 1ft from my face probally helps distract me that I am running on a hamster wheel.) -- I needed an idea to spruce up the thought of spending some time in my basement staring at the brick wall.  So I decided I would walk on it and do an incline workout.
Starting at 4mph and incline of 1.5
After a good warm up I went up to 3 incline
after a song I went up to 5
back down to 3
up to 6
down to 3
up to 7
etc etc, you get the idea.  Up to 10 incline.
When I was on 3's I used 8lb weights and 30 rep for biceps, triceps and shoulder press. (Total of 6 times.)
I ended up with 5 miles in just over an hour.  Slow and easy.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finally a double run day

We joined the YMCA a few weeks ago to pass the time while Piper has gymnastics for 2 three hour classes a week.
A girl can only shop so much-- did "I" just say that??

It also gives Sebastian something physical to do, and different options each time. He has been swimming but decided to come to the treadmills with me last night.
I had been lumping my double run days into one run-but I thought I'd try it last night.
Earlier in the day I ran a steady hilly 5km and then when we went to the Y I thought I'd do a slower 30min ( that's the allowed time ) but I felt really good and ended up doing a pyramid type on the treadmill , progressively turning it up every 2 minutes, then bringing it back down. Sebastian was beside me and mostly walked-- he seemed more concerned with his TV ;)
After our 30 min we went to the elliptical and did 10 min on it. 2 min of backward.

Sebastian really enjoyed himself.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I had actual brain freeze running in this cold! -14 the temperture said, and I THINK that was with out the windchill.

I had a 13km on tap - 8 km of that was tempo.  Being so cold, I wore a long sleeved tech and a heavier snow board coat.  1+km into my run, I knew that I was overdressed for a tempo, and I knew that 10k was for tomorrow, so I mentally decided to switch them.

Turned left off the road and headed into the feilds.  9.75k done, just over an hour.  It was windy and I do have to go slower in the fields from the frozen ruts and ice.  But the intensity is there and I really just love it. 
I had figured in the fall, that one lap of the corn field was 1900metres, so I did 4 laps today, and made it kind of an interval workout.
One lap I did headed in the other direction, and it was frigid and against the wind, and just 'felt' backwards.
On, I have received my 75 mile blast for the month so far!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

And BAM it feels great ?!?

I mentioned my 14km run the other day and the tail end was really aggravating my ankle. That night and yesterday I've been massaging and applying A535 (I seriously love the smell of it. * it reminds me of my grampa AND it smells like those pink mint candies)
Last night we signed up for the YMCA. My 12 year old went swimming and I sat in the daycare with my 2 yr old to let her get a feel for it. And when I stood up to leave-there was no pain or ache and walking was a breeze!
So I did an easy 10km (well JUST under) and at the 8.5k mark (big hill) I felt a little tightness but like 99.9% better. SO happy!
I went back to the Newtons today- they really work my calves, and upper legs always feel "full" when I wear those runners?!? Don't know if that's good or bad! HA

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Given the thumbs up

Being a runner himself, my doctor knew it would have been devastation for him to tell me I need to take time off.
But it was a "good" injury he told me, more of an annoyance than a problem. He suggested heat, massage and a slight decrease in mileage.
It is occurring because of all the trails and snow running I have been doing. Side to side, NOT front to back. Not my Achilles but just tendons from steadying myself and stabilizing on the snow, rough patches and uneven ground. All good!
Did 14 hilly kilometres today but stayed on the roads to keep it even as possible. It started hurting around 12 km and I did a mix of running and walking.
Beautiful day but windy.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What a fun run!

Today was definitely not a run for time. My ankle still iffy and a late start, I just didn't have a long run in me today.
So I took to the trails and fields behind the house, muddy slippery wet fields!
I was going to take the same route I took thru the snow the other day but was stopped dead by a huge puddle one km in. Soaked my feet and no way to get thru with out going knee deep.
So I stayed in the one field and ran around until I noticed animal tracks and was afraid a wolf would grab me from the edge of the woods and drag me in. HA

I ended up with some tempo, some intervals, 10 hill repeats, hurdling over cut corn stalks, core workout stabilizing myself and just had fun.
10 km done, some cool pics (finally figured out the panaramic on my iPhone 5.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

GARMIN arrrrgh

For some reason, my Garmin 305 has decided to stop talking to my computer.  It will charge but won't upload my runs.

It works on runs, so I am able to see distance and pace.  I've tried to use it on other computers to test and it's 'not recognized by USB'. 

Not sure if I should buy another !?!?!  Uninstall and try reinstalling? 

On another note, I finally broke down and made an appointment for my ankle. I go on Monday.  Pain isnt getting better, and is really stiff in the mornings.  Running on the uneven surfaces thru the feilds and on snow has been a great workout for my legs but has definitely tweaked my ankle more than once.  OUCH!

I swear I feel it in my calf. Errr

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Snow Running

What a difference going from a snow covered trail to bare road.  My legs felt wobbly and for some reason, I felt like I shrunk!?!?  Made the last 3 km interesting.

I did finally use the spikes that my mom got me for Christmas--lost one on trail, retracked my steps and ran into a woman out on a walk that found my spike! HA. 

I was much warmer today, I wore mittens and a thicker coat. Scott bought me one I had picked out for Christmas, and it's actually a snowboard coat, but it's down and thin, with TONS of pockets.  I only wore a sportsbra underneath, and was the perfect temp.

I also wore Scott's longer merino wool socks, and my ankles didnt get cold.  Very enjoyable run.

BUT 2 runs in a row, I have hit pause on my Garmin and lost a km before noticing. GRR!

OH and my new NIKE shoes aren't NIKE FREE 4.0 but 7.0.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 starts


January 1st 2013 and OMG cold!
I didnt feel to bad except for the last kilometer and I thought my hands felt cold. (no mitts just pop overs) but when I got back and in the shower--my skin started to burn and ITCH.  Like insane itchy.

I took the snowmobile trails, and they were pretty snowy, so not much of a tempo, but definitely a good work out--just trying to stay upright. But fun and a good run. 

10 km done, a good start to the year.  No real goals for the year, but to be on my feet as much as possible, run faster, longer and stronger.


I did buy new shoes Boxing Day, Nike Free 4.0 or something like that.  So far I am loving them.  The NIKE outlet had a sale, and at an extra 30% off, I scooped them for 41$.  They didnt say waterproof on the box, but I have had dry feet in the last few runs with them.