Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finally a double run day

We joined the YMCA a few weeks ago to pass the time while Piper has gymnastics for 2 three hour classes a week.
A girl can only shop so much-- did "I" just say that??

It also gives Sebastian something physical to do, and different options each time. He has been swimming but decided to come to the treadmills with me last night.
I had been lumping my double run days into one run-but I thought I'd try it last night.
Earlier in the day I ran a steady hilly 5km and then when we went to the Y I thought I'd do a slower 30min ( that's the allowed time ) but I felt really good and ended up doing a pyramid type on the treadmill , progressively turning it up every 2 minutes, then bringing it back down. Sebastian was beside me and mostly walked-- he seemed more concerned with his TV ;)
After our 30 min we went to the elliptical and did 10 min on it. 2 min of backward.

Sebastian really enjoyed himself.

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  1. Way to keep the kids interested in being active Pam. You are an awesome Mom hon.