Thursday, January 3, 2013

Snow Running

What a difference going from a snow covered trail to bare road.  My legs felt wobbly and for some reason, I felt like I shrunk!?!?  Made the last 3 km interesting.

I did finally use the spikes that my mom got me for Christmas--lost one on trail, retracked my steps and ran into a woman out on a walk that found my spike! HA. 

I was much warmer today, I wore mittens and a thicker coat. Scott bought me one I had picked out for Christmas, and it's actually a snowboard coat, but it's down and thin, with TONS of pockets.  I only wore a sportsbra underneath, and was the perfect temp.

I also wore Scott's longer merino wool socks, and my ankles didnt get cold.  Very enjoyable run.

BUT 2 runs in a row, I have hit pause on my Garmin and lost a km before noticing. GRR!

OH and my new NIKE shoes aren't NIKE FREE 4.0 but 7.0.


  1. How do you like the spikes?

    Way to go on the merino wool socks.
    i wear smartwool PHD running socks all year round when I am running. I remember back in December I did a slush run and even though my feet were soaked they were not cold. It was awesome. I love them. Need more cos I wear them more than I am supposed to LOL

    1. I liked the spikes! I didnt think I would and avoided them the last few winters and then a few days after mom bought them for me. BUT they were actually weightless, and I hadnt even noticed when the one popped off!

      I have lots of shoes, but all for different reasons. gym, treadmill, long runs, speed etc etc