Thursday, February 28, 2013


1.20 KM warm up


1.20 km cool down

Felt good, it snowed a lot last night but the roads were clear.  Unfortunately the trees weren't. OUCH, must have been to heavy on one branch-and the wind knocked a piece off onto MY EYE!
All I could think was of was "A Christmas Story"  , *You'll shoot your eye out.*
Scared me. HA

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Battle mode

Honestly, Sunday scared me and how weak I felt. My legs apparently can handle lots of kilometres - just not all at once. Ha
So Monday I rested and read. And decided to back up Sundays 21km with another long run.
The weather was great and I chose the train tracks that were converted to a snowmobile, walking/ running, horse trail.
It's a nice flat route, pretty but covered in snow still.
Surprisingly my legs felt better today than they did Sunday . Even fighting against the snow, the snowmobilers and HORSES on the trail.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Long runs are SO important!

Well today was a wake up call for me! I have been cheating my long runs.  NOT intentionally, but with sick kids (one of my turkeys had missed 3 wks of school) and snow days ........... ugh

I had run a 21k run in November and nothing over 16km since......... umm ya, putting in lots of miles a week, but lots of small and mid sized runs. 
Today running 21 km, I felt it.  I was 'fine' until about 17 km and I started to need walk breaks, 18 km I needed to stretch, walked halfway up a hill on 19 km and prayed for the end the rest of the way!

I also ran the 1k with my kiddos who are LOVING runs and getting a medal at the end! And I love that they love it!

So now I have played it over in my head all day and I KNOW where my weakness is...... and I can work on it over the next month for the ATB.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wild N' Windy Wednesday

It's chilly in the wind, not bad out. I did a quick 5+ starting on roads and ended coming home thru the fields.

I am feeling more fast on the snow and I love the feeling of darting across the top of the field .

My new mantra- well 2 actually -
1. Step outside your comfort zone. It's so easy (especially on the snow) to have a walk break. My legs do burn from the extra work from pushing off in snow. I've been working hard , repeating "outside the comfort zone" and if needed a slow jog till my legs relax.

2. I can go fast, I can go slow, I can go places no one else can go . <--- totally Nelly Furtato, but always seems to come in my iPod at the right time.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Some updates!

Geez, it's been a while.......ERRRR.

Snow days and sick kids = slacker!

Last week was a slooooooow week of running with a measley 27 km.  YIKES. 

I had missed the registatration for ATB 30km, and I was 'slightly' disappointed, but I was like HEY I am off the hook this year, but I kept searching for a bib..............and found SO I am running it now.

INJINJI socks!  WOW!  My pair I purchased ripped in the right big toe after 3 wears!  I contacted them on their facebook page, and they emailed me. I sent them a pic of the toe and they stated they would replace the sock BUT they dont ship to Canada............ARGH.
BUT I have a dear friend in the USA and she recieved them and forwarded them on to me!  YIPPEE!  They also sent a lip balm ( whoo hooo--my crack!) and a few narly stickers that will be going on my sons skateboard!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Run more ,feel better?

I had a great month for running in January . 210km
Looking back, May 2012 I ran 219k and that was my highest ever. Since then I have averaged 160-80 ish a month.
January 2012 was 106 km!! Yikes

I've been throwing in 2nd runs on the nights I take Sebastian to the YMCA . Slow and easy 30 min, and honestly there have been a fw days to look at my schedule I have groaned at the thought of running or been tired and IN THE PAST would have skipped it. This year I have decided to stick with what is in front of me and RUN. And I feel great, my legs haven't felt heavy and I definitely feel more accomplished for doing it.
My chest cold has been a factor. Stopping to blow my nose and hack up a lung is not fun ;)
The extreme cold and time has been affected my long runs so I really need to work on that. There is a half marathon in town coming up at the end of this month that I should register for just to put the km in. Lol that seems to work for me when I am forced (paid) for the running.