Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I attempted some hills yesterday, but this nagging cold has stuffed up my sinuses.  So I quit at 5km.

Today I wanted to try something a little different, and since I haven't done any real speed workouts in about 3 or 4 weeks.  I wanted to keep it easy.  Hindsight, I am actually feeling it in my legs right now and I don't know if it's from lack of speedwork lately, OR from the workout itself.

13 x 200 meters
200 meter rest
6 x 100 meter hill

Ended up with just over 6 kilometer.  I did see pace speeds of 3:xx while running.  So that's a plus! :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Game change plan!

So I have a friend who has run like 10 marathons and last week just finished the Ironman! WHAAT!?! 
I have discussed with her my marathon plans and she suggested the GOODLIFE as a first.  The crowds are great spectators and cheer the runners, and it's a fast and downhill course.  AND HEY, it gives me 250 days to train!  HA!

I have decided though, to take on a impromtu 25 kilometer trail run.  EEEK, never done a trail run before! Do I need different shoes?  How does it work?

Last week was a slow week from running.  I did a few slooooow runs and then took a full 3 days off. We had taken the kids to Great Wolf Lodge, and Marine Land ($$$).  My highlight was COACH factory store!

So today was a back at 'er day . Warm, but overcast and drizzly and got in a 13.5km run.  Didn't time myself today, as I was kicking beer cans into piles, then Sebastian and I drove back and picked them up.  We decided to save for a trip out West next summer!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Mid Summer Nights Run 30km

Well the time finally arrived.  I had taken Thursday and Friday off running, and did a light weight workout Friday evening  and lots of stretching.  I spent the day Saturday around the house, I made a banana bread and other various chores around the home.  Nothing strenuous.

We left around 3pm to be there for 5p as the 30k started at 5:30pm.  I had picked up our kits on the Thursday, so it was just to worry about any traffic and parking issues.  They had given me a parking pass, but we ended up finding a spot RIGHT beside McCleary Park.  Literally 200ft away from the start line.

A downside was, Scott planned on doing the 5k with the double stroller and Piper running, and when we got there, we obviously didn't read the email for final instructions because it was a shuttle to the 5k start.  Scott groaned and was looking for a way out of it, but Piper would have been CRUSHED to miss it.  My bestie Brooke lives super close, and she came down and helped him corral kids during the 5k and they walked the whole thing together, no stroller. Kids had a great time, they played at the park and Steele was DELIRIOUS with the crowd cheering him thru the finish!  Piper really enjoys the running and always says 'Mommy says to finish strong!"

So some nervousness at the start line, I got in around the 2:45 pace bunny.  I started and just kept my eyes down and looking a few feet in front of me.  I have been trying hard lately to not compare or compete, especially too early.  It was a little warm but it was cooling nicely as the sun was setting.  Some of the areas were still dealing with traffic, and it was nice to sight see and not think about running so much. 

At 8 km mark ( 42 min) , I slowed to a walk and took my first gel, rinsed my mouth with water and started running again.  About 2 min later, I had a stitch starting and it was pretty difficult to run.  I honestly can't say if it was a mindplay on my part, as we had just come around to where the race started, and part of me wanted to quit.  I've done 2 ATB's so it wasn't the distance as much as it was the distance IN SUMMER.  I think I had just freaked myself out so much the last month, I had almost convinced myself I couldn't wouldn't   do it. At the next aid station, I grabbed some gatorade and stretched a bit while I walked for a minute or 2.  Admittedly, kilometers 8-15 were rough.  My lips were really dry, and the stitch and lower abdomin hurt.  I had to turn down my Ipod because it just felt too loud in my ears.  Then it just seemed to disappear as quickly as it came.  I picked up a bit and ran until I hit around 20k and decided to take a 2nd gel and a fresh piece of gum.  (I love to chew gum when I run, keeps my mouth moist.  Vanilla mint splash)

I am pretty sure I had another walk break in there between 20-25km , but still could see the 2:45 pace bunny a few hundred meters in front of me.  We ended up running into a park area, and this is what really slowed me down.  I am a good race finisher, the last kilometer I can seem to find some energy on reserve, BUT it's the 2 or 3 km BEFORE that last km that get me.  There is something with being so close and not done yet. And looking back to the womens Starbucks run we did around Mother's day, I don't do well in closed loopy areas like parks.  It really wears me out.  So km's 24-27 were looping around this park by the beach.  Nice scenery, but I just hate the feeling of up here, over there, now down this way and out across there.  LOL.  Plus there was beachgoers and people sightseeing at the park.  I just wanted OUT OF THE PARK.  I lost some time in the park, AND the 2:45 bunny.....

So I ran behind the 3:00 bunny and finished strong from 29 km on. I stayed on the outside of the pylons and sped up after turning that final corner.  I tried to run and crowd gaze to see if I could see my family.  After crossing the mat, I saw Scott and he high 5'd me!  The kiddos' were pretty happy to see mom and I WAS SO EFFING HAPPY TO BE DONE!  It was a tough run. 
Slower than my Around the Bay time but I had consistantly run that and with the walking I did last night, I know the better time is there.  Humidity and lack of good training in July and most of August hurt me.  BUT I AM OK WITH IT!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chasing the 25 minutes......

Saturday August 3rd, I signed up for a small, slightly disorganized 5km.  An old friend from high school was driving from Ottawa to do with a friend, so I decided to tag along.  Sebastian decided to come and be my cheering squad.
Handsome boy

  I say disorganized because the RR website didn't even say the location of the run, or where the kit pick up would be!   *I ended up calling the run director on the Friday and asking, and then he sent out a mass email.*  Also that morning they were missing a box of mens M shirts.

Great view! 
The humidity gone and a slight mist in the air, I am loving running again.  I know my training has NOT been up to par lately, so I just wanted to run and kind of see where I am at this point.  Driving the treed lane into the parking area for the run, I realized there was quite a few dips in the road.  Dips=HILLS.  LOL.  

So they started the kids 1k, and about 10 minutes later started the 10k, then moved into the 5k a few minutes after that.  They had a weird system for timing, it beeped when you crossed the finish and a paddle to run over your chip.  ?  Everyone had to stay in order after crossing to get 'paddled' down.

aSo as the title says, I am still chasing the sub 25 minute 5km!  ARGH.  The hills, stopping to tie my shoe at km 3 (that was a new one, NEVER happened to me before!!)  I still managed 2nd in my age group (20-39) .  24th overall.

Bash got me as I crossed the finish.

So I've heard for a few years about a ZOMBIES, RUN! coming out to itunes.  I decided to go for the 8$ download. 
Eh.   Worth the hype, not in my opinion.   BUT I was using it on my Ipod, I don't own a Iphone.  So GPS wasn't an option. It mixes your music playlist in with the storyline. It gives you different times in your workout to speed up.  I've tried it  twice, and will give it another go in the cooler weather when I am enjoying my run instead of panting on the side of the road like a dog in heat. *wink*

Still getting Sebastian to come for rides on his bike while I run.  He had an almost 2 week break, but did 11+ km yesterday!!!! His longest yet, AND we picked up 24 beer cans!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Starting to freak a little...........

We've had a few 'thunderstorms' in the past month.  Like 2.  And it slightly cools the temps for an hour or so after.  THEN right back to humid and hot.  Admittedly, I have been struggling with the runs.  When I do run, there are numerous walk breaks, standing under the tree in the shade and wishing I was 'I dream of Jeannie' and blinking and being home again. 
Today was a 10k struggle.  HOW THE EFF will I run 30km on the 18th of August?  I am hoping with all my heart and secretly doing rain dances in my backyard, that because it's a night (5:30pm start) that the temps will be cooler. ARGH.  Scott said I'm stubborn enough, that when the time comes- hot or not, I'll just do it because I have to. HA.

On another note, I've done 4 of the 90 day workouts on non run days.  They are pretty fun, and a nice break from the monotony of just lifting weights. It's a non stop of 25-45 minutes of body weight, light/heavier dumbells, stability ball type workout.  Disc 3 was HARD. Like H.A.R.D.  I consider myself in pretty good shape, and it was challenging during the workout, but the next day......I could barely get down the stairs.  My calves were on FIRE. Disc 3 was constant jump squats, jump lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, AAAAAAAND repeat.