Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chasing the 25 minutes......

Saturday August 3rd, I signed up for a small, slightly disorganized 5km.  An old friend from high school was driving from Ottawa to do with a friend, so I decided to tag along.  Sebastian decided to come and be my cheering squad.
Handsome boy

  I say disorganized because the RR website didn't even say the location of the run, or where the kit pick up would be!   *I ended up calling the run director on the Friday and asking, and then he sent out a mass email.*  Also that morning they were missing a box of mens M shirts.

Great view! 
The humidity gone and a slight mist in the air, I am loving running again.  I know my training has NOT been up to par lately, so I just wanted to run and kind of see where I am at this point.  Driving the treed lane into the parking area for the run, I realized there was quite a few dips in the road.  Dips=HILLS.  LOL.  

So they started the kids 1k, and about 10 minutes later started the 10k, then moved into the 5k a few minutes after that.  They had a weird system for timing, it beeped when you crossed the finish and a paddle to run over your chip.  ?  Everyone had to stay in order after crossing to get 'paddled' down.

aSo as the title says, I am still chasing the sub 25 minute 5km!  ARGH.  The hills, stopping to tie my shoe at km 3 (that was a new one, NEVER happened to me before!!)  I still managed 2nd in my age group (20-39) .  24th overall.

Bash got me as I crossed the finish.

So I've heard for a few years about a ZOMBIES, RUN! coming out to itunes.  I decided to go for the 8$ download. 
Eh.   Worth the hype, not in my opinion.   BUT I was using it on my Ipod, I don't own a Iphone.  So GPS wasn't an option. It mixes your music playlist in with the storyline. It gives you different times in your workout to speed up.  I've tried it  twice, and will give it another go in the cooler weather when I am enjoying my run instead of panting on the side of the road like a dog in heat. *wink*

Still getting Sebastian to come for rides on his bike while I run.  He had an almost 2 week break, but did 11+ km yesterday!!!! His longest yet, AND we picked up 24 beer cans!

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  1. Definitely, great to see you, and a very handsome boy Sebastian is! Share in on the fun. It was such a short time together but I have no doubt our paths will keep running together :)
    He got a great shot of you crossing the finish! I LOVE it!!
    The zombie thing sounds a bit confusing to me..but I've heard lots about it as well.
    I have no doubt in the long run you'll surpass the 5k at 25mins..but I think it's f'n awesome you can do it in that! Bravo.
    The track was quite hilly..I've done some hill intervals since I've been home. With the military enrollment getting closer I need to pick up my pace so hill work, and sprints are in my near near future and already starting.
    Thanks again for coming out Pam. You are the best!