Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've really been struggling to get below 27 minutes for my 5km lately.  Either it's after a long run, or a hill day, have the stroller with me, etc etc.... list of excuses!
Today, I had limited time to run, (errands in the afternoon, and my mom was leaving after lunch...) SO I just thought, today is the day!  Short run, going for some speed. 
I knew I had a good pace going, because glancing at my Garmin, I did have a pace of 4:30-4:50p/km going at points, and my half way turn around, I was at 12 minutes.

Got home today and when I plugged in my NIKE band, I had a time of 26:02 for a 5km.  Not my best, but my best in 2 years, and that was with my walk warmup, so would be below 26 minutes if I took warm up off!
5:12 pace per km

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Steady Run

WTMFH..... it is HOT today!  Got my run in, but had to stop for water and wipe the sweat breaks often! As much as I love my Nathan hydration belt, I really sweat under it!  But I'll sacrifice b/c I love having my water with me, and my hands free!  I swear I'm like a little pack rat with that thing~  kleenex, chapstick, 4 waters, IPOD, toonie, and lately I've been hooking my sunglasses on the side because they've just been too hot on my face.
So I was aiming for 10km today, but got in 8km......hey, I'm not a martyr! It was just TOO hot!
8.16km (hilly back road) under 47 minutes (5:44pace)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long Run Sunday...

18km done today.  Took a backroad tour, and was PURE BLISS!  I was actually giggling running, felt like a kid again.  BUT I wasnt doing the Phoebe from FRIENDS run....lmao

It was kind of raining, and cool, roads were mucky, super hilly and I had a dog start following with me. Stayed with me for 6 miles or so, and it was kind of nice to have the company.  I have been asking Scott to get a dog for a running partner, but he reminds me that someone must clean the poop mess. 
Wore new shoes as well, Brooke had bought me SAUCONY PRO GUIDE 3 while down in the US, and as scared as I was to try new shoes, my feet were aching  SCREAMING at the thought to wear my NIKES again-- which have over 600km on them.

So I velcro'd my little shoe sensor to the tongue of the Sauconys' and was still able to record my run. 

18km done in 1:44:56  (5:50km pace) which I'm pretty happy over considering ALL the hills today, and rocky terrain., AND new shoes!  No sore toes today! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hill repeats

Pick a big hill, run up it...............repeat. Over and over and over, etc.  HA!

I usually do a bigger hill near my mom's house, but today I chose a somewhat smaller hill, had to twice as many to make up the amount of the larger hill. 
I brought Sebastian out with me today, told him that he didn't have to run, but wasn't allowed to stop.  I think he got about 3 done.  Which I am happy with since he didn't complain! 
I did 8, which amounted to 4 miles.  38 minutes. Eh.

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Well, maybe not technically cookies, but PEANUT BUTTER??  Where is my PB??  A few months ago,  my ultimate favorite was on sale for like 2.99$ a jar, so I nabbed like 6 jars, and it's ALL GONE!  There is no way, I refuse to believe I have eaten it all by myself??

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can you say HALFWAY???!!!

WHOOT WHOOOT!  It's all down hill from here, RIGHT??? 

Today was an 'easy' run.... IF you call 7 miles on a hilly route with a double jogger and 2 kids (50lbs combined!) easy. HA!  I did walk majority of  the first half because of the hills and 2 kids, thankfully, I dropped one off at my mom's and only had one for the way home!

I'm really at the point of retiring my current shoe though, my feet (toes) have been hurting during/post run. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Start off....... yesterday, HUGE plans, I was really gonna do it, new shoes and stray from my NIKES!  I never buy the same pair of shoes, but I stick with 'Bowerman Series' of NIKE (for me, awesome stability, and cushioning!)  Asics, Saloman, Saucony... YES, I had been scoping them out, reviewing online, got to the shoe store outlet...... left with Nike Span 7, from the Bowerman Series! In the exact same color scheme I am wearing right now!

I also grabbed a pair of Adidas Kanadia GTX, for trail/winter running.  So the sicko that I am, cuz I love the new shoes, either I start praying for snow OR sign up for this little gem.  
Secondly, I was out for a run skirt, summer running, cuteness, me=all over it! I'd been spying them on lululemon, but really wanted to try one on.  Walked into Costco, and the skirts from their label were on for 10$!  YAY!

So fast forward to today, finished all the Father's day activities, and Sunday is my long run day.... stuck with my current runners, put on my fab new skirt, filled my waters, ear phones in.... RUN.... started off great, not too hot, was running at a comfortable pace-first few miles were excellent. Then on the next highway, I noticed the township had regraveled all the sides of the roads, and I was against the wind. I tried to remind myself, it would simulate trail running *eyeroll*, then I noticed the shorts attached to the skirt were continuously riding....... layman's terms... chafing!  Found myself secretly wishing someone I knew would drive by so I could wave them down and ask for a ride.
So I finished after 19km, very disappointed and thought, OK chalk it up to a less than par run and move on. Plug in my garmin when I got home, ended up I was almost a full kilometer further than last weeks run and 4 minutes faster. So it wasn't worse, plus I had taken a few walk breaks today due to the skirt issues and traffic. 
I feel better now.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday.....sunny, show, shoes SHOPPING!

After an unscheduled rest day Thursday, and ALMOST Friday, the rain stopped about 8pm so I decided to go out for an evening run..... ahhh BLISS!

It was just a short, fast 9+km *I have been able to hold a fast pace for a longer amount of time now, even with hills and ON hills!*   But I really like the dusky cool feeling, and I am really looking forward to a night run in August I have signed up for 30 km night run.
Going on a new shoe search today! WISH ME LUCK!!

AFTER Piper does her show at gymnastics today. Too cute!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Facts about me: A to Z

Yeah, not a very creative post, I know.

Age: 35. But I look a lot younger. ; )

Bed size: King.

Chore you hate:  All of them? That's why they're CHORES. Cleaning the bathroom is probably the worst though.

Dogs:  No pets right now, but maybe in the future, I'd like a bassett hound

Essential start to your day: Snooze button. Pack lunches,  and COFFEE.

Favorite color: Pink.

Gold or silver: Silver, white gold, or platinum.

Height: 5’3.......... taller than scott

Instruments you play: I used to take piano lessons, but I wasn't very good.

Job title: Mom
Kids: Are a lot of work. Are full of potential. I  have 4 right now, and I'm cool with that.

Live: Ontario, Canada

Mom’s name: Gwynny

Nicknames: Pammie, Fitkitty, Mommy

Overnight hospital stays: Yes

Pet peeve: Lying, Lateness
Quote from a movie: "whaddya do?"  Tommy Boy
Righty or lefty: Southpaw

Siblings: Just Moi
Time you wake up: My alarm is set for 7:09am. But I'm usually up earlier *previous post--4 kids remember...*

Vegetables you dislike: I like most vegetables? But water chestnut grosses me out. It's a texture thing.

What makes you run late: 4 kids, lack of time management husband  :)

X-Rays: Just teeth at the dentist's office.

Yummy food that you make: Pizza
Zoo animal favorite: Jungle cats

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16th/11

My goal kind of started on NIKE+ with entering a challenge that was 2011 km in 2011, and I thought I can do that. So starting my blog 1/2 thru the year, and I am 969 km in.  *probally a few more, but NIKE issues have left a few runs not counted.*
I've been increasing my mileage per wk, so I think I should be right on track to finish by end of December....
I started a rocky start from the beginning of the year: a baby who won't didn't sleep, which I really thought was effecting my runs, as I was dragged down all the time.
I was watching Dr Oz one day and it was mentioned about the ridges on your nails and iron levels. Being a vegetarian, I definitely thought I should check it out. Went to my doctor, had some blood work taken, and found out I had an iron level of 4, and hemoglobin was 91.  So ummm YA, could have definitely made me feel run down!  Been taking iron pills since late March and feels 150% better!  And taken 2+ minutes off my KM time......... BOO YAH!

About Me....

I'm a 30-something middle-of-the-pack runner, mom, and coffee addict. I sing lullabies, sleep with a stuffed cat, and watch 48 Hours like it's my job. This blog journals my life as I try for 2011km in 2011 and continue being least that's what my kids think of me.

Above is me with my oldest daughter, 2nd child (of 4) & my biggest supporter!  *taken at 2009 Breast Cancer 5km* Team Name: FOLLOW THE BOUNCING BOOBIES.  I am team captain.