Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've really been struggling to get below 27 minutes for my 5km lately.  Either it's after a long run, or a hill day, have the stroller with me, etc etc.... list of excuses!
Today, I had limited time to run, (errands in the afternoon, and my mom was leaving after lunch...) SO I just thought, today is the day!  Short run, going for some speed. 
I knew I had a good pace going, because glancing at my Garmin, I did have a pace of 4:30-4:50p/km going at points, and my half way turn around, I was at 12 minutes.

Got home today and when I plugged in my NIKE band, I had a time of 26:02 for a 5km.  Not my best, but my best in 2 years, and that was with my walk warmup, so would be below 26 minutes if I took warm up off!
5:12 pace per km

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