Sunday, June 19, 2011


Start off....... yesterday, HUGE plans, I was really gonna do it, new shoes and stray from my NIKES!  I never buy the same pair of shoes, but I stick with 'Bowerman Series' of NIKE (for me, awesome stability, and cushioning!)  Asics, Saloman, Saucony... YES, I had been scoping them out, reviewing online, got to the shoe store outlet...... left with Nike Span 7, from the Bowerman Series! In the exact same color scheme I am wearing right now!

I also grabbed a pair of Adidas Kanadia GTX, for trail/winter running.  So the sicko that I am, cuz I love the new shoes, either I start praying for snow OR sign up for this little gem.  
Secondly, I was out for a run skirt, summer running, cuteness, me=all over it! I'd been spying them on lululemon, but really wanted to try one on.  Walked into Costco, and the skirts from their label were on for 10$!  YAY!

So fast forward to today, finished all the Father's day activities, and Sunday is my long run day.... stuck with my current runners, put on my fab new skirt, filled my waters, ear phones in.... RUN.... started off great, not too hot, was running at a comfortable pace-first few miles were excellent. Then on the next highway, I noticed the township had regraveled all the sides of the roads, and I was against the wind. I tried to remind myself, it would simulate trail running *eyeroll*, then I noticed the shorts attached to the skirt were continuously riding....... layman's terms... chafing!  Found myself secretly wishing someone I knew would drive by so I could wave them down and ask for a ride.
So I finished after 19km, very disappointed and thought, OK chalk it up to a less than par run and move on. Plug in my garmin when I got home, ended up I was almost a full kilometer further than last weeks run and 4 minutes faster. So it wasn't worse, plus I had taken a few walk breaks today due to the skirt issues and traffic. 
I feel better now.

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