Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long Run Sunday...

18km done today.  Took a backroad tour, and was PURE BLISS!  I was actually giggling running, felt like a kid again.  BUT I wasnt doing the Phoebe from FRIENDS run....lmao

It was kind of raining, and cool, roads were mucky, super hilly and I had a dog start following with me. Stayed with me for 6 miles or so, and it was kind of nice to have the company.  I have been asking Scott to get a dog for a running partner, but he reminds me that someone must clean the poop mess. 
Wore new shoes as well, Brooke had bought me SAUCONY PRO GUIDE 3 while down in the US, and as scared as I was to try new shoes, my feet were aching  SCREAMING at the thought to wear my NIKES again-- which have over 600km on them.

So I velcro'd my little shoe sensor to the tongue of the Sauconys' and was still able to record my run. 

18km done in 1:44:56  (5:50km pace) which I'm pretty happy over considering ALL the hills today, and rocky terrain., AND new shoes!  No sore toes today! 

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