Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16th/11

My goal kind of started on NIKE+ with entering a challenge that was 2011 km in 2011, and I thought I can do that. So starting my blog 1/2 thru the year, and I am 969 km in.  *probally a few more, but NIKE issues have left a few runs not counted.*
I've been increasing my mileage per wk, so I think I should be right on track to finish by end of December....
I started a rocky start from the beginning of the year: a baby who won't didn't sleep, which I really thought was effecting my runs, as I was dragged down all the time.
I was watching Dr Oz one day and it was mentioned about the ridges on your nails and iron levels. Being a vegetarian, I definitely thought I should check it out. Went to my doctor, had some blood work taken, and found out I had an iron level of 4, and hemoglobin was 91.  So ummm YA, could have definitely made me feel run down!  Been taking iron pills since late March and feels 150% better!  And taken 2+ minutes off my KM time......... BOO YAH!

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