Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sitting on the edge of your seats??

Are you hanging on?  Wondering will she?  Won't she? 

I started playing with different running styles the last few runs.  I've been doing a tempo (ish) 9km route with intervals mixed in.  Using hydro poles or mail boxes as markers, I run at a 4:xx pace and then slow to a 5:10 - 5:20 pace for 2. 
I like having a 'game' to play while I am running.

Having met my goal I set for myself in 2011, I've been thinking what I was planning for 2012.  With a local half in February, and then ATB in March, I am thinking it should set me up nicely to run MY FIRST FULL.   There I've said it outloud.  YIKES.  My heart slightly pounds faster as I type it. 

So by this time next year, I strive to put a full marathon under my belt!

OH and this........ SUPER FUN

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

FA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAA ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Well, we are done the first week of December and I have 80 some odd KM to go.  Can she do it? YES, she can!
The last month or so, I have been making some changes to my runs,  more hills and intervals, and 2 'longer' runs in the week, and a tempo run. 
I signed up for Around the Bay, a) to better my time from last year, b) great motivation to keep me moving this winter.   Way to easy to sit in the house during the cold and snow if there is no goal to work towards.

I've really been slacking on updating here, because I discovered my own form of crack.   Hey, if it's cool enough for Alec Baldwin.........

Monday, November 7, 2011

Angus Glen

OH what a great day!  So fun and the weather was great!  Course was beautiful (but hilly).  Of course Nicci and I were lost but giggled the whole way thru!  THEN we lost each other after the runs, and missed out on some great food!  (That's ok, looked good, but lots I wouldnt eat and I devoured a Mr.Sub veggie on WW after!)

I was REALLY hoping to be under 2 hrs...... but a pesky 53 seconds held me back!  BUT no complaints, I had a ton of fun and can't wait to run another half!  AND do that course again next yr!

Back to some regular runs to up my mileage, stay tuned.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bad Pammie! A whole month since I have updated!

 Well, in the past month, I have run the Toronto Island Girl Relay marathon, and the Scotia 5k.
LOVED the Island Girl, except the ferry issues!  Their site stated the ferry ran ever 30min, UMM NOPE! It was every HOUR!  We got lost and arrived for the ferry at 8:02am.  And watched it pull away from the dock. 
Apparently everyone else thought the 30min rule too.  So our ferry left at 9am,  and the race started at 9:30 AAAAAAAND we needed to pick up our kits!  Boogie boogie our butts! 

It all worked out, and the day was super nice!

The Scotia 5k was a late decision, and eh, I can say we were there, but I dont think I would do it again.  There was just too many people, the first 2km were just dodging and weaving and coming to a complete stop. ARGH And the baggage check at the end was RIDICULOUS.  Over an hr to get our bags!

Another change I have made in the past month, I have been wearing the Adidas Mana 5 instead of the Nikes.  I really couldn't believe the difference in how my feet felt.  I had to switch the lacing around because it's such a narrow shoe.  I was surprised the switch was so easy, because I have always used a stability shoe. 
So my next mission lined up is the Angus Glen half on the 6th Nov. WISH ME LUCK

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kicking the NIKE habit..........


Starting with the Nike..... the last few runs, I haven't even taken my Sportband with me.  Its' been acting wonky, not measuring my full run, and their website has gone to sh crap, and takes forever to log in, blah blah blah...... BOO NIKE!  I am really disappointed too, b/c I was in a bunch of challenges and was kicking butt! 
+ I just adore my Garmin!  I've been playing with the settings and D'oh me, I never realized it could do so much!

So the 1500km, YAY!!! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

An update

Enjoying a cookie, and the sights!
So September has been great for running so far!
Love, love, LOVING the cooler temps! Older kids are at school and I put the 2 babies in the double and off we go!  A lot of run/walking with the stroller, but I usually drop them at mom's and continue on for a few miles.
 1st week back of school, I managed 67 km.  This week was a little less-40ish, as I took Friday off to rest for the 5km my friend and I did Saturday.
Was a PB (25:43) for me, as I had never really run a chip timed 5km AND I have been pregnant nearly 2 years straight (ha!)
Small BUT nice run, and a great cause.  Sick kids hospital in Toronto, and I heard the announcer say over 10,000$ was raised! WHOOO HOO!

So another week starts tomorrow, and this weekend brings an Island Girl adventure with my cousin Nicci.  We are relaying the half, so 10.5k each.  YAY!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year.........


 Not that my day gets 'much' easier, because the 2 babies are still home and I have no older kids to fetch me stuff! 

Get Mammas pryin' bar
But my 2 year old was super excited to get out the jogging stroller today, so I took the 2 of them in for a run/walk.  11km done.
I was a little nervous because my knee was feeling funky all day Monday after Sundays run, but I guess it just needed to be loosened up.  Felt fine today.

I've noticed since starting this blog, I have an obsession with The Simpson's. HA! Everything in life can be compared to an episode.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today was a rest day....... totally devoted to Paxton for her first birthday! 
Princess on her new 4 wheeler!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Top of the 9 bad foods you should eat.....

PEANUT BUTTER!!!  Yay... I feel less guilty for my habit. 
Went to Zellers on Saturday and WOW, Kraft Crunchy was on for 1.99$.  Cashier looked at me like I was slightly nuts with my 7 jars.  And apparently she felt the need to inform me 'she's' never had crunchy PB.
Someone else is developing an addiction too!
Seriously this was all her!

Saturday morning, I, all my lonesome, got up at 5:30am, and drove to Toronto *in the fog* to run in the Women's 10km/5km event.   Found it pretty easily, parked and walked 15min to pick up my kit.  Pretty nice run area, the pictures were slightly misleading as there was no half naked firemen handing out water etc. (I think I did see ONE fireman on course, but he was clothed!)
Mainly flat course with a few inclines, and wooden bridges.  Wasn't too keen on the wooden bridges, as they were narrow, and all runners needed to drop down to single file.  One bridge was suspended and gave a VERY weird sensation while running across it.
All in all, I was pretty happy with the race- finished in 55:13 which so far is my best in a 10km. 
Ummm not sure whose arms those are??

Monday, August 22, 2011

Movin' on miles

Not to the East side......
So I've been MIA for a while.  Admittedly I was in a heat funk!  Feeling down and lost a lot of confidence. 
BUT ENOUGH of that.  I had a chat with myself and I said 'self, buck up!' (HEHE)
So August 20th, I did the Mid Summer Nights Run- 15km.  Ran in 1:26.  It was super muggy or something,the air was pretty thick.  But it was a really enjoyable run, and nice to run a different area.

Took Sunday off, went for a tan and did some house stuff, shopping with my mom etc.  Ran a  hilly 9km route around here today (50min).  Cooler temps feel great!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I've really felt off running lately, July was so hot and humid, running felt uncomfortable.  And being the WHACKO that I am, I started to worry that it was ME and that I was losing my ability and fitness.  BLAH BLAH BLAH....

August has brought some cooler temps and running is starting to feel normal again, building my base back up, (July was pretty low *145km*) and it's coming back.  Crazy how just 3 or 4 weeks can do that?? 

That said, I've really been struggling with the upcoming MIDSUMMER NIGHTS RUN 30KM that I've registered for Aug 20th.   There is also a 15km, which is sounding sooooo easy and fun to me right now~tee hee!  June was going so good, and then July's craptacular mix really has played with my confidence.  I have (if I understand correctly) till kit pick up (Friday) to decide if I'll step down to the 15km. ARGH. Frustramatation!

Also wanted to add that I have changed a bit on my race schedule.  I opted out of the choclate run (very pricey, and so far away for so early.)  I decided to do the Toronto womens 10k, which I am all registered for! Also registered for the Island Girl Half Relay, EXCITING!  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Been quiet the last week or so!

I haven't had much to say I suppose...... Today will be my first run in 2 days.  I've been doing lots of stretching and weight lifting this week.
Got a 17km in Sunday and a 7.5 in Monday (very hilly routes), so I felt stiff, and adding to it, my mom *kid watcher while I run* is away for 8 days.......
So I have gotten in a few much needed days of rest, and now we have cooler temps, I am ready to run & roll!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My personal drill sargent

My 6 year old Piper keeps me in check!  Her new night time fun is coming downstairs with Mommy to work out!  I had a case of the lazies..... and she bugged till I gave in to work out!  So a little later in the evening, but I got some hill work in on the treadmill-and she got her mommy time in!

Piper and I @ 2009 Breast Cancer run
SIDE NOTE: She's hard core!  She made her machine rows 5lbs heavier tonight.... doesn't sound like much, but she's 34lbs and pulling her own body weight!  She ends her work out with 5 minutes of treadmill!

So 3 days of treadmill for me! 
Tonight I just set it at a slow jog pace (5.2) and kept raising the incline very time the song changed. Started at 1 incline, ended at 7. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Call me Quasimodo

But instead of a bell tower, I am stuck in the basement!  TREADMILL.   Mother nature (and kids) won't cooperate with me!
Did I mention I am trying to train for my 30km in less than 3 WEEKS!!!!  Have you ever tried to do anything more than 10 miles on one of those contraptions?? *I've managed it 2x, I am generally good for 6 miles then I give up!*
 No amount of music, TV, daydreaming, having my phone in front of me to BBM friends, games etc will make the time go faster.
Enough complaining, 6.76 km on treadmill tonight in 35min. 
I noticed the callibration is off on my NIKE sensor again, must have been when I switched shoes, (??) b/c the last 2 nights have been waaaaaay off.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

74% humidity

That's what it was yesterday!  We had a good rain storm in the am, and the temp dropped, and after 2 days off (Great Wolf Lodge with the kiddos) I was excited to run......... 5km KILLED ME! Checked the weather report, sure it was only 24 degrees, with 74% HUMIDITY! 

But side note, went to the NIKE outlet in Niagria Falls, and picked up some Moto 7 from the Bowerman Series for 49.99$!  Wore them yesterday for a trial run, LOVED THEM!

Supposed to be just as humid the next few days BUT with rain tomorrow.  Think I'll hit some weights today, and rain run tomorrow!
I swear I can compare any life situation to The Simpsons

Another side note: I have a moderately busy run schedule ahead of me in the next few months!

Oct 16th, is the Scotia in Toronto. I haven't registered but want to do the Half.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's in a shoe?

Today I braved the heat....... I really do loathe the treadmill.  But at 32 degrees at 1pm, I knew I wasnt venturing far!
So today was the day to try the Adidas shoes I bought a few weeks ago and have let sit in a box. I struggled with keeping them, AND in that time, actually traded in the Saucony's and went to the Running Room and went back to my Nike Triax.  Shoe Wh*re.... I know!   But my last 2 pairs, have ran me over 1500km, so I stuck with what I love!  *But I still browse Ebay, looking*  I LOVE ME SHOES!

So back to the Adidas-- Light shoe, and I purchased in a 7.5, little room in the toe, but narrow thru out the width of foot, felt it in the top.  A totally different feel from my Nikes, not in a bad way......different.  And did I mention the look!  The bright blue and yellow!  HAWT!

5km done, under 26minutes......... lighter shoe?? Or let's get this sh*t done, it's too Effin hot??

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweating buckets......

Back to the treadmill tonight...... I haven't totally gotten sick of it yet, kinda nice break from my regular routes, AND it's fun to play with the speeds and inclines.  6.32km tonight, 33min. My new treadmill has a plug-in for my IPOD (Well, I should say Scott's MP3, as I left my ipod in the rain last week BOOO!!)  Again, not complaining --because he has different songs, some of which are from podrunner which are free downloads JUST for running and interval training, and can go up to an hour long, so you just turn it on and don't have to worry about switching songs, and the beats are amazing to keep you going!  *plug over! lol*

Is it winter yet?

Dreadmill..... opps I mean Treadmill!

Well in this HOT HOT weather, I've decided to use the treadmill.  Went on last night, and not much cooler!  That is with a fan blowing directly on me, in the basement, with the lights off! WOW, sweat much!!
I may have to drag out my older treadmill that has the fans built right in to the dash of it. 
I did keep my 'schedule' of in the 6+ km range, doing 6.45km in 34min.  Back at it tonight! I really loathe the treadmill, I get bored easily, must be my undiagnosed ADHD.

 I find watching during Big Brother helps!  I slow down during the show, then turn up the speed for commercials. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bearable.......... but not great!

I LOVE SUMMER! But--this heat is overwhelming! 
After the rain, the weather is more bearable, running was manageable, but I long for a cool day.   Just one- to have a break.
Yesterday I did manage 11km+ with minimal water breaks, but feels so odd to have to stop so often, when you are used to running it nonstop.

Ahhhh, looks so cold doesn't it!
So my plan of attack is running every day, but sticking to short faster runs and see how that works to keep my mileage up.  6-13km range daily. Saturdays OR Mondays rest (strength training)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mother Nature, Mother F*cker!

Like really!  WTF, it's soooooooooooo hot!  I havent had a run over 8 miles in wks!  It is just TOO hot.  And my "longer" runs have involved taking the stroller and baby with me, so I can take walk/water breaks without feeling too guilty. 
My sheepish grin!

I'm praying for rain, or a break in the humidity or something~PLEASE!  Want to get back on track! ARGH

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little blue people

I have mentioned in an earlier post about the missing Garmin...... I have posted a LOST & FOUND sign, turned the house upside down, run the same route for 3 days in a row looking down and to the left, tore the woods near my parents up (where my stroller was parked), emptied every single cubby out of my desk-run bag-purse-truck!!  NO GARMIN!
Today as I was changing for run, I was on phone whining about how much I missed my Garmin to Scott-lifted on thing on my desk, WTF theres my 305!!!  SO happy to have it back! YIPPEE!!  My mom says that's 'the little blue people!' 
Not sure she means the smurfs....?

Took it out for the first time in nearly a week. EH run.  SOOOOO HOT, HUMID-plus I had a crappy day, so 11km done today which took me 1:07:xx 

I walked ALOT today. Boo on me!  RAIN PLEASE!!

Side note: Can I log the runs up and down the stairs to my waking infant??  That has to be 1 or 2 extra miles a day!

DOUBLE side note: 42min was time on the Warrior Dash. Damn hills......

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Wow, this was spectacular!
Jumped thru fire, over walls, rope walls, mud, hills (OMG THE HILLS!!! this is a resort, and the hills were ski hills!!) running over wrecked cars, walls of hay, list goes on and on! HARD, huffing and puffing... OH WAIT, is that a water station!??! Yay, we must be nearly done............FOOL, it's 1/2 way!

But fun, I was exhausted, but as soon as it ended, I wanted to run it again!  Nicci and I had such fun!  ( I may be a bad influence on her?!?!?!  She cant wait to do another!)

I dedicated today to a special person, Mandy Engle Harvey........... much more a warrior than I.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One of those days......

Started in the night actually, Miss P slept like crap and was up till nearly 2am, and then up at 6:15a. 
Kids were kind of crazy all morning,  was CRAVING my run for the alone time and quietness.  I was planning on 20km so I could make up some mileage after Sunday.
Searched the house for my Garmin charger........ no luck!  Finally remembered I stuck it in my purse.  Shit, crap now where is my Garmin..... oh yes, had it for my stroller run Tuesday, went dead, left it in stroller.
Got to moms, no Garmin in stroller. Scratch head, I was sure I left it there. OH well, I will look for it while running, to make sure it didnt drop.
Pop in earbuds, IPOD dead! ARGH are you EFFIN kidding me?? Now I can, have and will run with out music, but I really wanted to zone out today.  Decided to drive home and get IPOD charger, it charges fairly quickly. (all this while, I am looking at clock b/c I am running out of 'time' as mom had appts in the afternoon and needed to leave at 3p) 
Got my charger, *car charger* and decided to drive Tuesdays route to look for Garmin. (no luck)  But decided I'd still be ok for 10km.  Got to mom's, kids going crazy, she looked frazzled.  I settled on 5km+. 
Plus today, I have spilled Italian dressing all over the floor, spaghetti sauce on floor.  WAIT! plus I dropped a picture frame on my ankle on Monday--it's been one of those weeks!

You get the idea.....!!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


UGH, Friday, went out for my run, and cut it down a bit from the INTENSE heat! When I got done, I realized my NIKE sensor had fallen off my running shoe!
BOOOO!  I remembered looking down at it while running, and it was there, so I retraced my steps but didnt see it! GRRR!
My mother was heading out for a walk, so she said she would keep an eye out for it.  Long story short, she found it, *about 100ft from where I had stopped looking for it!*
So fast forward to Sunday, went for my run and the callibration is all funky on it, and I need to redo it. Thankfully I was wearing my Garmin, so I can still track my mileage.  BUT it really sucks for my challenges on NIKE+ .  Gonna try to recallibrate it, IF that doesnt work, a trip to the Running Room in the morning is in order.

Anyhoo, heat mixed with the non working NIKE, I scrapped my run at 10km today, and I am going to do a long run Monday or Tuesday to make up some mileage.

So instead of sweating my butt off running today, I lounged by the pool and worked on my tan! Guidette....... it's a shore thing, gym tan laundry, DTF.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've really been struggling to get below 27 minutes for my 5km lately.  Either it's after a long run, or a hill day, have the stroller with me, etc etc.... list of excuses!
Today, I had limited time to run, (errands in the afternoon, and my mom was leaving after lunch...) SO I just thought, today is the day!  Short run, going for some speed. 
I knew I had a good pace going, because glancing at my Garmin, I did have a pace of 4:30-4:50p/km going at points, and my half way turn around, I was at 12 minutes.

Got home today and when I plugged in my NIKE band, I had a time of 26:02 for a 5km.  Not my best, but my best in 2 years, and that was with my walk warmup, so would be below 26 minutes if I took warm up off!
5:12 pace per km

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Steady Run

WTMFH..... it is HOT today!  Got my run in, but had to stop for water and wipe the sweat breaks often! As much as I love my Nathan hydration belt, I really sweat under it!  But I'll sacrifice b/c I love having my water with me, and my hands free!  I swear I'm like a little pack rat with that thing~  kleenex, chapstick, 4 waters, IPOD, toonie, and lately I've been hooking my sunglasses on the side because they've just been too hot on my face.
So I was aiming for 10km today, but got in 8km......hey, I'm not a martyr! It was just TOO hot!
8.16km (hilly back road) under 47 minutes (5:44pace)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long Run Sunday...

18km done today.  Took a backroad tour, and was PURE BLISS!  I was actually giggling running, felt like a kid again.  BUT I wasnt doing the Phoebe from FRIENDS run....lmao

It was kind of raining, and cool, roads were mucky, super hilly and I had a dog start following with me. Stayed with me for 6 miles or so, and it was kind of nice to have the company.  I have been asking Scott to get a dog for a running partner, but he reminds me that someone must clean the poop mess. 
Wore new shoes as well, Brooke had bought me SAUCONY PRO GUIDE 3 while down in the US, and as scared as I was to try new shoes, my feet were aching  SCREAMING at the thought to wear my NIKES again-- which have over 600km on them.

So I velcro'd my little shoe sensor to the tongue of the Sauconys' and was still able to record my run. 

18km done in 1:44:56  (5:50km pace) which I'm pretty happy over considering ALL the hills today, and rocky terrain., AND new shoes!  No sore toes today! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hill repeats

Pick a big hill, run up it...............repeat. Over and over and over, etc.  HA!

I usually do a bigger hill near my mom's house, but today I chose a somewhat smaller hill, had to twice as many to make up the amount of the larger hill. 
I brought Sebastian out with me today, told him that he didn't have to run, but wasn't allowed to stop.  I think he got about 3 done.  Which I am happy with since he didn't complain! 
I did 8, which amounted to 4 miles.  38 minutes. Eh.

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Well, maybe not technically cookies, but PEANUT BUTTER??  Where is my PB??  A few months ago,  my ultimate favorite was on sale for like 2.99$ a jar, so I nabbed like 6 jars, and it's ALL GONE!  There is no way, I refuse to believe I have eaten it all by myself??

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can you say HALFWAY???!!!

WHOOT WHOOOT!  It's all down hill from here, RIGHT??? 

Today was an 'easy' run.... IF you call 7 miles on a hilly route with a double jogger and 2 kids (50lbs combined!) easy. HA!  I did walk majority of  the first half because of the hills and 2 kids, thankfully, I dropped one off at my mom's and only had one for the way home!

I'm really at the point of retiring my current shoe though, my feet (toes) have been hurting during/post run. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Start off....... yesterday, HUGE plans, I was really gonna do it, new shoes and stray from my NIKES!  I never buy the same pair of shoes, but I stick with 'Bowerman Series' of NIKE (for me, awesome stability, and cushioning!)  Asics, Saloman, Saucony... YES, I had been scoping them out, reviewing online, got to the shoe store outlet...... left with Nike Span 7, from the Bowerman Series! In the exact same color scheme I am wearing right now!

I also grabbed a pair of Adidas Kanadia GTX, for trail/winter running.  So the sicko that I am, cuz I love the new shoes, either I start praying for snow OR sign up for this little gem.  
Secondly, I was out for a run skirt, summer running, cuteness, me=all over it! I'd been spying them on lululemon, but really wanted to try one on.  Walked into Costco, and the skirts from their label were on for 10$!  YAY!

So fast forward to today, finished all the Father's day activities, and Sunday is my long run day.... stuck with my current runners, put on my fab new skirt, filled my waters, ear phones in.... RUN.... started off great, not too hot, was running at a comfortable pace-first few miles were excellent. Then on the next highway, I noticed the township had regraveled all the sides of the roads, and I was against the wind. I tried to remind myself, it would simulate trail running *eyeroll*, then I noticed the shorts attached to the skirt were continuously riding....... layman's terms... chafing!  Found myself secretly wishing someone I knew would drive by so I could wave them down and ask for a ride.
So I finished after 19km, very disappointed and thought, OK chalk it up to a less than par run and move on. Plug in my garmin when I got home, ended up I was almost a full kilometer further than last weeks run and 4 minutes faster. So it wasn't worse, plus I had taken a few walk breaks today due to the skirt issues and traffic. 
I feel better now.