Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's in a shoe?

Today I braved the heat....... I really do loathe the treadmill.  But at 32 degrees at 1pm, I knew I wasnt venturing far!
So today was the day to try the Adidas shoes I bought a few weeks ago and have let sit in a box. I struggled with keeping them, AND in that time, actually traded in the Saucony's and went to the Running Room and went back to my Nike Triax.  Shoe Wh*re.... I know!   But my last 2 pairs, have ran me over 1500km, so I stuck with what I love!  *But I still browse Ebay, looking*  I LOVE ME SHOES!

So back to the Adidas-- Light shoe, and I purchased in a 7.5, little room in the toe, but narrow thru out the width of foot, felt it in the top.  A totally different feel from my Nikes, not in a bad way......different.  And did I mention the look!  The bright blue and yellow!  HAWT!

5km done, under 26minutes......... lighter shoe?? Or let's get this sh*t done, it's too Effin hot??

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