Saturday, July 9, 2011


Wow, this was spectacular!
Jumped thru fire, over walls, rope walls, mud, hills (OMG THE HILLS!!! this is a resort, and the hills were ski hills!!) running over wrecked cars, walls of hay, list goes on and on! HARD, huffing and puffing... OH WAIT, is that a water station!??! Yay, we must be nearly done............FOOL, it's 1/2 way!

But fun, I was exhausted, but as soon as it ended, I wanted to run it again!  Nicci and I had such fun!  ( I may be a bad influence on her?!?!?!  She cant wait to do another!)

I dedicated today to a special person, Mandy Engle Harvey........... much more a warrior than I.

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