Sunday, July 3, 2011


UGH, Friday, went out for my run, and cut it down a bit from the INTENSE heat! When I got done, I realized my NIKE sensor had fallen off my running shoe!
BOOOO!  I remembered looking down at it while running, and it was there, so I retraced my steps but didnt see it! GRRR!
My mother was heading out for a walk, so she said she would keep an eye out for it.  Long story short, she found it, *about 100ft from where I had stopped looking for it!*
So fast forward to Sunday, went for my run and the callibration is all funky on it, and I need to redo it. Thankfully I was wearing my Garmin, so I can still track my mileage.  BUT it really sucks for my challenges on NIKE+ .  Gonna try to recallibrate it, IF that doesnt work, a trip to the Running Room in the morning is in order.

Anyhoo, heat mixed with the non working NIKE, I scrapped my run at 10km today, and I am going to do a long run Monday or Tuesday to make up some mileage.

So instead of sweating my butt off running today, I lounged by the pool and worked on my tan! Guidette....... it's a shore thing, gym tan laundry, DTF.

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