Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of the year

UGH what a week.  Wasnt a great end to the year around here training wise.

I totally dropped the ball and will be redoing THAT week for my marathon running schedule.  3 out of 4 kids were I.L.L over the holidays AND my husband.  Seemed to hit one and then hit someone else each day. 

Add in Christmas and visitors and family time- running just didnt take the number one spot.  I did get a few 5 km's in and a ride on my stationary bike. 

Today rounded out the year, another 5 km and since we are staying in tonight, I know I will be feeling great for a run tomorrow. 

Happy New Yr.  Stay Safe, have fun and DON'T drink and drive!

2116.34 kilometers in 2012
1315.03 miles


Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve!

GRRRR, went to go for a run, got a short way from home and these 2 dogs came running out. They never made it past their driveway BUT they have previously, so I turned around and came home.  Only 1.5 km in, MAY go on treadmill later.

Did laundry and did 30 min on bike with weights.  Battery went dead on my bike, so I have no idea how much distance I covered.

I have still wrapping to do, sort 'stocking' stuff and bake a few things.   T'is the season!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Treadmill AND snow!

Winter has hit! Sick kids, and snow. 

I have been trying to stick to my schedule and get my Christmas stuff done and with school germs and coughing kiddoo's, sometimes it is hard to get it all in.
I have been a few kilometers short each week and trying to make it up --sometimes a shorter run (but at least I ran) or  a hillier route to work a little harder.

Last night, I HAD to get the treadmill out and it wasnt too bad.  I figured 30 minutes but also realized if I am going to do longer runs on the dreaded tread, I am going to have to hook the TV back up downstairs.

I stayed with the treadmill at 1.5 incline and 6mph for the first 20 min, then the last 10 minutes, I played with the speed going up to 7 for a minute, back to 6, etc.

Woke up this am, and there was a bunch of snow!  Bah Humbug!  And I am trying my best to ignore I am getting the cold going thru our house. SHHHH!
 I have stuff to do tonight in town--so no treadmill, so while it was slushy and big flakes, it wasnt that cold and I got a quick 5 km in.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Yesterdays run was a struggle.  Heavy legs, plodding along on the road--just not a good run.  At 3km I left the road and took a sharp turn to the left and finished running thru the corn field.

Immediately, I can feel my pace quicken and I instantly feel lighter.  I needed the break from the road.  I had been strictly road running for the past few weeks.

Timewise, yesterday only allowed for 5.5km and today, I had an appointment in the morning, which I struggle after to get out to run.  Paxton was up at 4am last night (grr) so I was tired and not feeling 100%.  I figured I'd aim for 5k and anything over that would be a bonus. 
Scott told me to rest today, but honestly I ALWAYS feel better after a run/workout, so I went.

I put in 8.5 km and feel WAY better.  I stayed only in the fields and trails today, and worked a couple of huge hills.  I didnt aim for any pace, just to run and have the time on my legs.  I didnt bring water with me, which I dont mind if I am not working too hard.

My ankle was feeling better, though I have been noticing it on walking downstairs.  I am pretty sure I tweeked it again in the field yesterday on a rut.  It was mild today and a little muddy and slippery.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Biking indoors

Today I skipped a run and did my bike and some weights inside.

I spent 41min 25 seconds on the bike (15km) and then did some core exercises.  I used weights while I was on the bike.  Just some 8 lb dumbells and did high reps of 30, doing tri's, biceps and shoulders.

After I did some planks and weighted crunches. And used 15lb weights for 3 sets of 15 reps, more biceps & triceps.

I havent added my 15 km to my ticker........ is it cheating if I did??  Because it's not actually running?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012



AND I am past last years distance! :)


Ticker is still not holding information.  ??


3 km warm up (16min)
2 km tempo (9:55 into wind)
2 km tempo (I turned around and had to reset my garmin, I think the wind was making it act wonkey and EACH step was a lap!!!  9:38 )   <----SO HAPPY!  I felt cold and thought for sure I was going to be over 10 min on that.
3 km cool down (17min, hill and into wind)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ticker issues


Seems my ticker won't update, when I put the info in, it shows but when I hit 'next' , the new info is gone.

I know yesterdays and todays run DID NOT get added, I wonder if this has happened before

17 km Sunday
6.3 km Monday.

I will keep trying and keep track here so I know.  ARGH.

Sunday's run was a little tough, I was a little behind in kilometers for the wk, (missed Saturdays 10k) and one run was 9 km but called for 10k. So Sundays 15km turned into 17 kilometers and I took an extremely hilly route to 'make up' for it.
I think my total elevation for the run was 637 ft

Friday, December 7, 2012


Hmmm, I glanced at my ticker and I dont' think I will make 2500km before January 1st.  BUT I am ok with that, it was a number I put in to aim for after doing 2012(actually 2022) last year.  So as long as this years total is higher, it's winning in my books!

Lately I am obsessed with picking up beer cans!  It started in the summer my son and I started doing it.  We had decided to save for a trip out West for our family,  and now I cant stop.
Sunday 14 cans
Wed 16
/Thurs 11
Friday 19

Crazy that many people are drinking and driving.  This is about a 10km radius around my area. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Loving it!

I have to say that I have refound my love of running.  I admit that I had a few weeks of 'eh..... it's run time'. 

The schedule my friend made is pretty aggressive.  Which I am happy for.  I told her I needed something to push me, I had been checking my Garmin dashboard and I had no significant change in 1 year. 
I like having a set schedule and the fact that I will be accountable for doing it.  It's so easy with no schedule, to go out and not run as far, or as fast as you should.  And I think I had been doing that for longer than I like to admit.

I am on week 2, and it's a 50+km week.  I had an appointment Tuesday, which turned it into an unscheduled rest day, so tomorrow that should be my rest day is going to be a run day.  But even after the first week, I feel stronger.  I am excited to see what results will come.

*picked up another 16 beer cans yesterday and 12 today!  Same road, different sides.

Monday, December 3, 2012

I am a winner!

I don't know what I actually won, but I did the reader survey on iRun and recieved an email that my email was randomly selected. 

WHOOT!  I never win anything, so I am pretty stoked!  (THANX!!) 

Must be the karma gods!  I found a Blackberry last week running and made sure it was returned to the owner and he came the next day and brought me a15$ Tim Hortons card. 

I ended up braving the rain yesterday.  By the time I left the rain had pretty much stopped and it was a slight drizzle and just DAMP out.  I did 14k instead of the 15k but added in about 5 good sized hills.

Backed it up today with a hilly 6 kilometers.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


The sun did not shine
It was too wet to play
So we sat in the house
On that cold cold wet day

I have 15km on tap today.  I am 'considering' running in the pouring rain, because if I don't--it means treadmill!  I THINK I've mentioned how much I hate the treadmill??
This seems WAY more enjoyable

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New training program

I am slightly (VERY VERY VERY) excited to be trying a new running program!!

My friend, who runs a 3:05 marathon (!!!!!), has taken the time to make me up  schedule and lead me in the direction to some new PBs and today is day 1.  
Only downside, some days are 2 runs a day runs, which with my kids busy activities and daylight savings time, I am soooooo going to have to drag out my dreadtreadmill. 

BUT seeing the amazing results she's had with her running over the past 3 years, I am totally going to follow it as closely as my litter (ha) allows me! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

People are sick!

I've been noticing a ton of garbage in the ditch lately out on my runs.  Like bags of garbage, a toilet, car batteries, the dash of a car, and some large sort of blanket or tent. 
It really bothers me that people have no mind of what that does to our environment. !!!

This summer, my son and I picked up over 100 beer cans while we were out running and riding. INSANE!  And king can sized, like these people are driving!

OK, rant over.

I'm a little worried about my ankle.  I noticed it 'sore' after the Mad Dog Scramble, but assumed it was the different type of running and going sideways down some of the mudslides.
After last weeks Downsview Half, DURING the half, I noticed it felt tight.   Last week, I did 3 slow 5k runs to test it and rest it.  And it felt ok.  More bruised when I touch it and it has been getting itchy on the skin outside of it.

After yesterdays 12 mile long run, this am, it's pretty achy and a slight limp when I walk.  YIKES!



So alas, probally no run today.
I tried my injinji socks yesterday for the first time.  LOVE them, I was very unsure even at first putting them on.  I have many 'toe' socks, but never have run in them.  very comfy, didnt slide and I didnt even notice the separated toes. A+.  
Hmmm, looking at that pic, my right ankle does look slightly swollen. (that pic is pre run)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sleep, or lack there of.....

About to drag my butt up and get ready for a run.  I have been up since 2am with a toddler who INSISTS on getting in my bed, back to her bed, to my bed every night.

She usually starts about 5am since the time change, but seems to be sneaking in earlier each night.  And will stand and yell until I finally get her.  For the fear of waking any one else in the house, I HAVE to go get her.

The other morning was 4am, and last night 2am.  Maybe I will run to a secluded area and have a nap under a tree!

If you see me collapsed some where, press PAUSE on my Garmin!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I've been back to trying to get some solid miles and good workouts in.  Hard when 4 kids are sharing germs, and cooler weather just means MORE germs.

Sunday, Nicci and I decided to hit Downsview *me the half marathon and her the 5k* .  It promised to be a flat and fast course.  It wasn't flat.  The first 4 km were actually hilly through out the park and around.  (Which means being an out and back course...... you are finishing with those same hills.) 

I went in with the thoughts of just finishing and enjoying my run.  Honestly, looking at my training log, I hadnt had a good long run in a few months.  There was the Run for the Toad, but being a trail run, it wasnt a 'consistant' run.  Sick kids, and entering shorter distances on Sundays, I just wanted a nice long run with no excuses.

It was chilly in the morning with the promise of being warm that day, BUT the woman on the radio said high of 4 with rain.  I threw on a sport bra and a light lululemon pullover.  ( Wasnt as light as I liked, as by 5k, I was HOT)

My Garmin was beeping about 30+ steps before the km markers on course, and after the initial few km, I really felt like it was running from one parking lot to another parking lot.  The orange pylons seemed all over the place, but they did have tons of volunteers to usher us where we needed to go.  And the volunteers were great with calling runners by name to cheer them on. 

I kept thinking how GLAD I was that Scott and the kids didnt come for the scenic beauty that was promised.  I had mentioned them coming to look at "all the vintage planes' that were going to be there. 
ONE.   Somewhere around 8km. 

My toes were aching on this run, I wore my NB and I've run longISH in them , but the first at a full half distance.  Maybe stupid, but nothing that I couldnt handle or would stop me from wearing them again.
One thing I really dislike about some out and back, is running PAST the finish line with another 4k or so to go.  Very frustrating and I hate knowing to be so close and yet so far away.  Then of course, as mentioned those lovely hills in the beginning.  We had a nice down hill slope around 20 km , sharp right turn and UP HILL for the last 500m or so to the finish. 
I was 2h 3m, and considering the amount I walked ( in the last 4km..... those hills were hard on tired legs, and some weird 'ache' in my left groin/hip) I am ok with it.  Not my best time and really deep down would have like a PB , but knowing where my training has been since August, a lot of running, just not long runs--I know I have growth room!
As always though, Nicci and I had a great time together, lots of laughing and chatting.  Which is 99% of our reason for going!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Well, probally the most fun I've had in a pair of running shoes!  Sunday morning, Nicci and I drove to a top secret location (we knew the start but not the course) and it was COLD and it was RAINY. 
Finding the school kit pick up area was pretty easy--love GPS on my phone!  And it was in a gorgeous area, the houses were huge and beautiful.
We arrived with an hour to spare, and grabbed our kits, bibs and went back to the car to fuel up and chat.
Everyone was given a "group" number for start times. Nicci was a 4, I was a 6 and there was no particular order to the starts.  You were either Wild, Crazy or Insane!!
Slower runners started first (they asked 5k, 8k finish times during registration) and they started putting people into coral groups.  I kept waiting as they were letting runners go, me and 3 other 6's.  We were 2nd last to leave.  One guy was all by himself and he was group 11. 
I didnt quite understand the 'process' but Wild, Crazy and Insane all had different run routes and some were shorter, the faster you were the farther you ran.  BUT I didnt notice other paths on the course (marked off in pink ribbon) but there were volunteers telling you left or right etc.  So obviously it WAS there, they were watching your number on your bib and then directing.

They had given warnings at race start, USE THE ROPES on the hills.  OMG hilly and muddy, and so thankful for the ropes!  It was hilarious.  Jumping logs and the friendly competition but oddly teamwork was just so much fun.
We crossed some parking lot and then ended up back into the forest again, and there was a dead raccoon hidden in the leaves, coincidence or left by the trail coordinater, not sure, but kinda eery.
They had mentioned in the email updates, that there would be at least 1 water crossing, there was 3!  and knee height and COLD.  After the 3 crossing, it was up one last hill (so steep we needed a rope) and then up the side street back to the school finish.  My legs were numb from the knee down from the cold of the water, it was hard to pick up a good 'finishing' pace. 
I had wore my Adidas Mana's for this run.  They have probally 1000km on them and what ever tread they did have is literally flat.  Not ideal for most of this run, there were great on the regular leafy path, but the muddy down hills I definitely WIPED OUT!  Probally a lot harder then I felt at the time, but I laughed my ass   butt off.  I had mud caked under my nails, I had it on the band of my garmin, the palms of my hands and well covered from the waist down. 
I had hit my garmin off during one fall, and then noticed and turned it back on, and then forgot to turn it off when I was done.  So I have no idea of my time and I am short the distance.  They haven't posted results yet, I am curious--but I know I wasnt in the top 4.  *wink*
It's a small run, and apparently been going for 21 years.  Very well run, everyone seems to know everyone and they were all very friendly.  First, second and fourth place to all runners, and then a dirtiest dog as well.  I was sure I should could have had it, but there was a kid who won instead. Eh next yr??  I did win a tee in the door prizes.

I REALLY am digging the trail runs.  I am excited to see what I add to the 2013 run agenda with more trails!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Not sure she even ran, she was so clean!

Butt slide

scaling some steep hills

Monday, October 22, 2012

Loggin' & Joggin'

I decided to put in a 'schedule' from Runner's World using the free smart coach. I haven't been following it to a T, but definitely gives me a rough plan and I can loosely follow it.  Definitely makes me feel like I have a purpose when leaving for my runs.

My weekend long run was cancelled Sunday b/c of a birthday party for a friends 4 yr old son, so after my doctor appt today, I managed to squeeze in 15 km before the kids  got off the bus. 

Friday, October 12, 2012


It's been cooler, like 5-9 degree area.  Which is nice, but it's been windy too.  Thankfully the sun and running keep you warm!

I've been using one day a week and running around this corn field, which I LOVE.  It feels almost primal.  And scary.  I've mentioned before how rural we are, and I do fear for bears.  Usually when I run around the field, I run half and turn back the other way-the 'other' side looks dark and is back against ANOTHER field. 
Today I only had time for a short run, (tomorrow is my parents anniversary and they are driving a distance for dinner and a concert tonight)  So I decided to do the full perimetre of the corn field.  Dodging corn husks and jumping over fallen husks, it's pretty fun.  And of course, the new side brought something different to the run.

Trail behind my grandma's to get to field

So pretty today--opening of field
It's a 2k distance the full way around, plus the run to get there and then back was only just under 4 km run but I had a blast.  Next week with more time, I will add more laps to it  AND bring my bear spray!  HA

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Suck it up Buttercup

The past few months have NOT been my finest in running.  I feel stuck in a rut, the heat of summer, a cold, kids and life haven't been helping my mileage, training or speed work.

Then I get so concerned over quantity, I forget about quality.  I started thinking to myself, 'When was my last good hill workout, or speed workout?'
*Blushing*  I realized it's been a while.  Today I had been feeling better than I had felt in about a month, SO sucking it up, I headed to a larger STEEPER hill than I usually do for repeats and went for it. 
This is a pretty steep hill.  And usually, I can rock out a hill pretty well, but this one gets me every time.  So I ran up 75% of it, stopped for 5 DEEP breaths, and finished it.  5 times. 

What I love about where this hill is located, is that it has a nice flat road below the hill. So I ened up doing 6x200 intervals, with 200 meter jogs in between.  (the first 2 were walks)
1 km warm up
1 km cool down

I really need a 'schedule' and someone to tell me :  YOU NEED TO RUN THIS (XX) TODAY. 
The 75% (I did stay under 6min/km pace)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I lied

No long run yesterday, I tried, got 2.5 km in and was done.  Apparently hit with what the kids had, only I didnt throw up.  Just very weak and sore.  Layed on the couch ALL day.

Did a slow 10k today (1hr) thru the wind and even had to drag out a winter running coat!  BRRR!  9 degrees and cloudy, I waited till later in the day.  (Too busy bleaching my kids rooms) and I am glad because the rain stopped and the sun was fighting to come out.   What ever was hanging around, I sweated out, and feel much better!

Monday, October 8, 2012

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

I really hate when you get on a great running groove and life gets in the way!

Coming off the Toad run, I had taken the Sunday off, except for a few km at the Run for the Cure.  I really felt good, minimal soreness and was able to start again with Monday, Tues, and Wednesday runs. A little slower, and I had a cold that was lingering, BUT good.  I was planning on running the 5 days, Saturday off for the fair with the kids, and then Sunday's long run to justify Thanksgiving dinner (wink)
 *screeching halt*
 Sick kid Thursday, unexpected day off.   Hmmm, OK make up a few miles on Friday, THAT was the plan, but with my cold and a toddler who HATES HATES HATES to sleep at night, I was tired and only did 5 miles.
Brooke tagged along for Sunday's run.  We run at different paces and different distances.  But it was good.  She brought her brothers puppy--and I did NOT think this dog would handle anything over a mile. Just because, I thought there would be some training with dog running or something.  Nahla the dog is a T.R.O.O.P.E.R. Seriously, ran the whole time! 
So Sundays long run was slower than usual, and shorter but SO enjoyable, we chatted, laughed, posed and it was nice to 'coach' Brooke a bit and get her over her 10k hump.  12.5km done. 

Then life took over again Monday ANOTHER sick's gone thru all 4 now (interesting weekend and a TON of laundry done. ugh)  So hopefully it's gone, unless Scott and I end up getting it.  *knock on wood we don't*   So Monday was a weight day, unless endless cleaning counts as cardio...... ?

Quiet road

On the fire truck ride

Ferris Wheel -he wouldnt move

6+ km turnaraound

Rail way track trail
Tuesday 3/4 are at school, I have no where to go -- long run will be completed.
Love my shoes!

Only took 6 tries for 1 half decent pic!!

Monday, October 1, 2012


In mid August, I ordered new in box Newtons (in pink of course) from Ebay.  85$+30 shipping.  Waited FOREVER (well 12 days) and they had come in, my hubby picked them up for me and had to pay 15$ duty. * steam out ears*

Scott brought them home, I ripped open the paper only to see a 10.5 on the outside of box.  WTFH!  I opened the box and a orange pair of mens Newtons. ARGH
I emailed the seller, how stated to send them back, she'd refund the shipping and send out the pink womens 8 I ordered.
I noticed she had sent them out the 19th September, but after the 20th there was NO update on  Finally the 28th, there was an update they were in Canada. 

Well they arrived this morning.  Seeing as I still have a cold and I wanted an easy run, I took them out for a garmin free 5k.  NICE, I am very pleased with them.

Piper's fave part of the Run for the Toad

Sunday, September 30, 2012


I came across this run when googling different marathon training plans.  Looked like a ton of fun, but having already committed to the Midsummer Run, I opted out of registering.  PLUS it was a 3 hr drive away. 

Lurking thru a running forum I frequent, I saw that another board member was selling her bib for less than what it was selling for from registering.  80$.  I took it as a sign that I needed to try this run.  Also, coincidently, my BFF Brooke's birthday was that weekend, and she wanted to outlet shop in Niagria Falls, an hour away from Paris Ont. 

OK, contacted the girl, bought her bib, info changed into my info! 

Then I started to stress over if I had the right shoes, how to run on a trail, etc etc.  I brought 3 pairs of shoes with me Saturday morning but ended with my regular distance shoe, Adidas Mana 5.

5 am came pretty early on Saturday morning, but wanted lots of time for getting lost, picking up Brooke (who went out to celebrate her birthday the night before), and picking up my kit.
I woke Piper, she wanted to tag along for the day.  She woke up with no grumpiness and off we went in the pitch black. 

Grabbed Brooked at her friends house in Oshawa, and GPS'd where we needed to go from there.  Laughing for the drive up, we were pretty happy and excited.  Brooke commented on how interesting my run would be considering that my nose was running and I was clogged with phlegm, 

Nearing Paris, we had a little mix up from where we needed to be, stopped and asked some locals who gave PERFECT directions and we turned in the conservation area the same time as 10 other cars...... and then into a line of 40 or more in front of us.  
After parking I walked quickly ahead to grab my kit, and I needed to get into my run clothes as well.  It turned out we still had 40 minutes to race start.  We people watched for a while and saw the 50k'ers off.
10 minutes later, I got in line, and had no idea what I was in store for!   It started off fairly well, hit the 4k mark at about 25 min.  My nose was very clogged and I was mouth breathing, so I needed to stop and blow.  Decided to take a sip of my water since I was already stopped.  Big breath, and carried on. 
At around 8 km, I noticed the difference in muscles it takes to trail run vs road running.  My knees and front leg muscles were throbbing, ankles were angry at the sight of another incline.  My nose continously needed blowing, and I couldnt seem to get a good 'cough' out.    I kept waiting for this steep hill, dreading it!

First lap was done, 1:20:35 . Part of me really considered quitting.  LOL.  I jogged off to the port a potties, peed, blew my nose, stuffed toilet paper in my pockets for more blowing on course,  took a gel and carried on.  I decided now I knew what to expect, I would walk the inclines and then I could speed up on the downhills and flats.  It was WAY more enjoyable.  Talked to a girl on course, and she had run it 4 times before, she laughed when I mentioned that this was my first ever trail run.  YOU CHOSE THIS FOR YOUR FIRST....WAY TO GO!   
I loved the trail parts, when there was a slope and jumping roots, that was really run, the small inclines, continously over and over.....not so much.  Especially trying to work around other people and herded together. 
2nd lap was 1:27:19  which I am sure the 7 minutes lost was the washroom break and the pep talk I had to give myself to carry on! HA.

A little stiff this morning, but shook that out at the Run for the Cure.  Which I only did 2km off because Steele and Paxton were cold and done.  Had 2 of them in one stroller and trying to push. Piper carried on with her gymnastics team, and we met her at the finish line! 

417   417 Pam Christie           2:47:54 SF30-39   54/116    175  6:43 2:47:22  1:20:35 1:27:19  Indian River   

Oddly, my bib number was 417 and I came in 417th place.   :D

Next year?  We'll see, BUT I am signing up for another (shorter, and closer to home) trail run for October.   

Monday, September 10, 2012

B&O Yorkville 5k

Nicci and I last minute signed up for this run.  And MIRACOUSLY were there about an hour early!!  HUGE for us. Usually we are racing for the run start.

Thankfully we were there early because somehow we were on the sign up sheet but our bibs werent there. So we had to wait at another table for them to make us new bibs. 
The run was held in a nice part of Toronto, had stylish black tees, on-site massagers, black bags, and GORGEOUS black and PINK medals!  I will SO be back for this one.  The proceeds went to YMCA Womens' shelters.

(pssst, there was a Lululemon RIGHT there, literally at the race start~ but didn't open till 11am on Sundays.  BOO!)
And of course, there I was aiming for a sub 25 minute 5k.......... 25:06 was my chip time, my garmin read 25:15 BUT was measured long.  5.14km, so my garmin timed me at 24:31 for a 5k, ummmm so I am taking it! LOL

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I attempted some hills yesterday, but this nagging cold has stuffed up my sinuses.  So I quit at 5km.

Today I wanted to try something a little different, and since I haven't done any real speed workouts in about 3 or 4 weeks.  I wanted to keep it easy.  Hindsight, I am actually feeling it in my legs right now and I don't know if it's from lack of speedwork lately, OR from the workout itself.

13 x 200 meters
200 meter rest
6 x 100 meter hill

Ended up with just over 6 kilometer.  I did see pace speeds of 3:xx while running.  So that's a plus! :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Game change plan!

So I have a friend who has run like 10 marathons and last week just finished the Ironman! WHAAT!?! 
I have discussed with her my marathon plans and she suggested the GOODLIFE as a first.  The crowds are great spectators and cheer the runners, and it's a fast and downhill course.  AND HEY, it gives me 250 days to train!  HA!

I have decided though, to take on a impromtu 25 kilometer trail run.  EEEK, never done a trail run before! Do I need different shoes?  How does it work?

Last week was a slow week from running.  I did a few slooooow runs and then took a full 3 days off. We had taken the kids to Great Wolf Lodge, and Marine Land ($$$).  My highlight was COACH factory store!

So today was a back at 'er day . Warm, but overcast and drizzly and got in a 13.5km run.  Didn't time myself today, as I was kicking beer cans into piles, then Sebastian and I drove back and picked them up.  We decided to save for a trip out West next summer!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Mid Summer Nights Run 30km

Well the time finally arrived.  I had taken Thursday and Friday off running, and did a light weight workout Friday evening  and lots of stretching.  I spent the day Saturday around the house, I made a banana bread and other various chores around the home.  Nothing strenuous.

We left around 3pm to be there for 5p as the 30k started at 5:30pm.  I had picked up our kits on the Thursday, so it was just to worry about any traffic and parking issues.  They had given me a parking pass, but we ended up finding a spot RIGHT beside McCleary Park.  Literally 200ft away from the start line.

A downside was, Scott planned on doing the 5k with the double stroller and Piper running, and when we got there, we obviously didn't read the email for final instructions because it was a shuttle to the 5k start.  Scott groaned and was looking for a way out of it, but Piper would have been CRUSHED to miss it.  My bestie Brooke lives super close, and she came down and helped him corral kids during the 5k and they walked the whole thing together, no stroller. Kids had a great time, they played at the park and Steele was DELIRIOUS with the crowd cheering him thru the finish!  Piper really enjoys the running and always says 'Mommy says to finish strong!"

So some nervousness at the start line, I got in around the 2:45 pace bunny.  I started and just kept my eyes down and looking a few feet in front of me.  I have been trying hard lately to not compare or compete, especially too early.  It was a little warm but it was cooling nicely as the sun was setting.  Some of the areas were still dealing with traffic, and it was nice to sight see and not think about running so much. 

At 8 km mark ( 42 min) , I slowed to a walk and took my first gel, rinsed my mouth with water and started running again.  About 2 min later, I had a stitch starting and it was pretty difficult to run.  I honestly can't say if it was a mindplay on my part, as we had just come around to where the race started, and part of me wanted to quit.  I've done 2 ATB's so it wasn't the distance as much as it was the distance IN SUMMER.  I think I had just freaked myself out so much the last month, I had almost convinced myself I couldn't wouldn't   do it. At the next aid station, I grabbed some gatorade and stretched a bit while I walked for a minute or 2.  Admittedly, kilometers 8-15 were rough.  My lips were really dry, and the stitch and lower abdomin hurt.  I had to turn down my Ipod because it just felt too loud in my ears.  Then it just seemed to disappear as quickly as it came.  I picked up a bit and ran until I hit around 20k and decided to take a 2nd gel and a fresh piece of gum.  (I love to chew gum when I run, keeps my mouth moist.  Vanilla mint splash)

I am pretty sure I had another walk break in there between 20-25km , but still could see the 2:45 pace bunny a few hundred meters in front of me.  We ended up running into a park area, and this is what really slowed me down.  I am a good race finisher, the last kilometer I can seem to find some energy on reserve, BUT it's the 2 or 3 km BEFORE that last km that get me.  There is something with being so close and not done yet. And looking back to the womens Starbucks run we did around Mother's day, I don't do well in closed loopy areas like parks.  It really wears me out.  So km's 24-27 were looping around this park by the beach.  Nice scenery, but I just hate the feeling of up here, over there, now down this way and out across there.  LOL.  Plus there was beachgoers and people sightseeing at the park.  I just wanted OUT OF THE PARK.  I lost some time in the park, AND the 2:45 bunny.....

So I ran behind the 3:00 bunny and finished strong from 29 km on. I stayed on the outside of the pylons and sped up after turning that final corner.  I tried to run and crowd gaze to see if I could see my family.  After crossing the mat, I saw Scott and he high 5'd me!  The kiddos' were pretty happy to see mom and I WAS SO EFFING HAPPY TO BE DONE!  It was a tough run. 
Slower than my Around the Bay time but I had consistantly run that and with the walking I did last night, I know the better time is there.  Humidity and lack of good training in July and most of August hurt me.  BUT I AM OK WITH IT!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chasing the 25 minutes......

Saturday August 3rd, I signed up for a small, slightly disorganized 5km.  An old friend from high school was driving from Ottawa to do with a friend, so I decided to tag along.  Sebastian decided to come and be my cheering squad.
Handsome boy

  I say disorganized because the RR website didn't even say the location of the run, or where the kit pick up would be!   *I ended up calling the run director on the Friday and asking, and then he sent out a mass email.*  Also that morning they were missing a box of mens M shirts.

Great view! 
The humidity gone and a slight mist in the air, I am loving running again.  I know my training has NOT been up to par lately, so I just wanted to run and kind of see where I am at this point.  Driving the treed lane into the parking area for the run, I realized there was quite a few dips in the road.  Dips=HILLS.  LOL.  

So they started the kids 1k, and about 10 minutes later started the 10k, then moved into the 5k a few minutes after that.  They had a weird system for timing, it beeped when you crossed the finish and a paddle to run over your chip.  ?  Everyone had to stay in order after crossing to get 'paddled' down.

aSo as the title says, I am still chasing the sub 25 minute 5km!  ARGH.  The hills, stopping to tie my shoe at km 3 (that was a new one, NEVER happened to me before!!)  I still managed 2nd in my age group (20-39) .  24th overall.

Bash got me as I crossed the finish.

So I've heard for a few years about a ZOMBIES, RUN! coming out to itunes.  I decided to go for the 8$ download. 
Eh.   Worth the hype, not in my opinion.   BUT I was using it on my Ipod, I don't own a Iphone.  So GPS wasn't an option. It mixes your music playlist in with the storyline. It gives you different times in your workout to speed up.  I've tried it  twice, and will give it another go in the cooler weather when I am enjoying my run instead of panting on the side of the road like a dog in heat. *wink*

Still getting Sebastian to come for rides on his bike while I run.  He had an almost 2 week break, but did 11+ km yesterday!!!! His longest yet, AND we picked up 24 beer cans!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Starting to freak a little...........

We've had a few 'thunderstorms' in the past month.  Like 2.  And it slightly cools the temps for an hour or so after.  THEN right back to humid and hot.  Admittedly, I have been struggling with the runs.  When I do run, there are numerous walk breaks, standing under the tree in the shade and wishing I was 'I dream of Jeannie' and blinking and being home again. 
Today was a 10k struggle.  HOW THE EFF will I run 30km on the 18th of August?  I am hoping with all my heart and secretly doing rain dances in my backyard, that because it's a night (5:30pm start) that the temps will be cooler. ARGH.  Scott said I'm stubborn enough, that when the time comes- hot or not, I'll just do it because I have to. HA.

On another note, I've done 4 of the 90 day workouts on non run days.  They are pretty fun, and a nice break from the monotony of just lifting weights. It's a non stop of 25-45 minutes of body weight, light/heavier dumbells, stability ball type workout.  Disc 3 was HARD. Like H.A.R.D.  I consider myself in pretty good shape, and it was challenging during the workout, but the next day......I could barely get down the stairs.  My calves were on FIRE. Disc 3 was constant jump squats, jump lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, AAAAAAAND repeat.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Check back in 90 days!

I was out shopping in a ((GIANT TIGER!)) store with my mom and my 4 kiddo's yesterday.  *feel free to call me crazy, but I do bring all 4 with me*  They are usually kept in check with the promise of a cheap toy or treat.  BRIBERY DOES WORK!  :D

I've been eyeing the P90X for some time , but refused to pay 140$ for it, and I just suck at downloading anything that needs to be zipped, or changed from one type of file to another.  Well, I looked down, and there was the poor mans version!  10$ for a 10 disc, calender, meal plan etc etc.  It's called Supreme 90 Day.

eSo yesterday was Day 1, chest and back.  It claims to use muscle confusion for its results.  You literally go from one set of workouts to another, with a push/pull combo.  Lighter weights to heavier weights and a stability ball. 
Day 1

It was fun, I broke a sweat, so I will continue.  I don't know if I will do it daily, or just on my non run days.  some days, I will probally do a combo of both.  I've enlisted Sebastian to join me some days.  He wants a six pack PLUS he's a TV/video game junkie, so I need to find some stuff for him to do that he'll enjoy.  BUT I know he does enjoy 'working out' with mommy, and it gives us great 1 on 1 time.

On our way!
Speaking of, I had him join me on a run the other day but he brought his bike.  I gave him the option of HILLS or NO hills.   He chose hills. 

  I promised him NO hills next time.  HA!  But despite the hills, heat and having to walk his bike up a few hills, he survived just under 5 miles and did not complain one time!!