Monday, December 3, 2012

I am a winner!

I don't know what I actually won, but I did the reader survey on iRun and recieved an email that my email was randomly selected. 

WHOOT!  I never win anything, so I am pretty stoked!  (THANX!!) 

Must be the karma gods!  I found a Blackberry last week running and made sure it was returned to the owner and he came the next day and brought me a15$ Tim Hortons card. 

I ended up braving the rain yesterday.  By the time I left the rain had pretty much stopped and it was a slight drizzle and just DAMP out.  I did 14k instead of the 15k but added in about 5 good sized hills.

Backed it up today with a hilly 6 kilometers.

1 comment:

  1. hey way to go! Look forward to seeing what you won from iRun! Nice job..and good on ya for returning the blackberry. It's nice when good fate returns good fate.
    Bravo on running in the rain. How were the hills?