Friday, December 14, 2012


Yesterdays run was a struggle.  Heavy legs, plodding along on the road--just not a good run.  At 3km I left the road and took a sharp turn to the left and finished running thru the corn field.

Immediately, I can feel my pace quicken and I instantly feel lighter.  I needed the break from the road.  I had been strictly road running for the past few weeks.

Timewise, yesterday only allowed for 5.5km and today, I had an appointment in the morning, which I struggle after to get out to run.  Paxton was up at 4am last night (grr) so I was tired and not feeling 100%.  I figured I'd aim for 5k and anything over that would be a bonus. 
Scott told me to rest today, but honestly I ALWAYS feel better after a run/workout, so I went.

I put in 8.5 km and feel WAY better.  I stayed only in the fields and trails today, and worked a couple of huge hills.  I didnt aim for any pace, just to run and have the time on my legs.  I didnt bring water with me, which I dont mind if I am not working too hard.

My ankle was feeling better, though I have been noticing it on walking downstairs.  I am pretty sure I tweeked it again in the field yesterday on a rut.  It was mild today and a little muddy and slippery.

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