Sunday, March 2, 2014


February ended with just shy of 75 miles and I ran 21 out of 28 days. 
I've been too many 3 and 4 mile run and my plan in march is more miles and hopefully mid wk longer runs.
Weight training and body weight training has been going well and averaging 3 days a week.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New shoes!

Oh my! 
I bought 3 new pairs of shoes Saturday - I was looking for the New Balance  3090 to replace mine that are so worn (love love love them).
I had went to the mall Friday and they had an updated pair which are now called the 4090 but felt more stiff than mine.
The sales guy had a pair of 3090 but not the same style (I guess the inbetween style??)
I knew National Sports an hour from here has a back room that sells "older" styles - so held off.
I ended up with my 3090s (different color scheme) , New Balance all terrain shoe which I just wore for the first time today , and a pair of Puma shoes that just felt really good on. 
I've ran a few times this week in the 3090 to break them in- and today the all terrain. Wow. 
The field and trails are too snowy and I brought the dog , so it was a jog and trying not to break thru the snow. After I synced my run thru nike + I noticed I was 300 meters away from passing another so I road ran a half mile to pass his distance. The all terrain was so light and my foot just rolled so naturally with each step. Looking forward to another run in these when it isn't minus 20 out! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014


SNOW SNOW SNOW and cold.  Polar vortex? 
It's hard to maintain your goals when it's that cold. We got a dog in November and he's helped me get out usually everyday.  Its not a fast run when he (Bear) comes but the miles add up.

January ended with 72 miles.

2014 goals:
Run. I am no longer going to stress over distances and times. (well except knocking a minute or so off my 5k....)
Write more here.  Its therapeutic and it's nice to go back and read what I think or have felt after some runs.
Back to the weight room.  I have been going with a friend to the YMCA. Mainly for 'fun' as I've generally already run earlier in the day. She started with the hydraulic machines they have there. Tomorrow I am introducing her to free weights.  :)  She's excited
I have been using my NIKE+ app on my phone b/c neither my garmin 305 or 310 want to connect to my computer. I am devasted.