Sunday, February 2, 2014


SNOW SNOW SNOW and cold.  Polar vortex? 
It's hard to maintain your goals when it's that cold. We got a dog in November and he's helped me get out usually everyday.  Its not a fast run when he (Bear) comes but the miles add up.

January ended with 72 miles.

2014 goals:
Run. I am no longer going to stress over distances and times. (well except knocking a minute or so off my 5k....)
Write more here.  Its therapeutic and it's nice to go back and read what I think or have felt after some runs.
Back to the weight room.  I have been going with a friend to the YMCA. Mainly for 'fun' as I've generally already run earlier in the day. She started with the hydraulic machines they have there. Tomorrow I am introducing her to free weights.  :)  She's excited
I have been using my NIKE+ app on my phone b/c neither my garmin 305 or 310 want to connect to my computer. I am devasted.

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