Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm so BADASS!

Well, I will be on Sept 14th. HA!

7km and 30 obstacles.  There is at least of 6 of us going this time, which includes my 12 yr old again.  He is so happy and still swimming in his glory of the Mud Hero. 

I've been getting the running bug back again, and am remembering how I love the sweat and heart racing of a great run. It's been pretty hot again the last few days, like 29+++++ degrees, but I get out there.
PLUS considering I have a half marathon AND a 25 km in the next 30 days....... ummm I NEED to get out there.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

*sheepish grin*

Still alive, still going....probably not as strong as I'd like.

June and July was a lot of biking with a run (short) thrown in here and there. The weather was so humid and kids off for summer - biking seemed so quick and easy.

The weather had returned to normal temps , and no I feel like I have to teach myself to run all over again. UGH!
And I realized that the midsummer 15k is the 17th - umm I don't think my lack of running is going to help here . 
Oh then I'm backing it up with a mud hero the next weekend.

I may be taking a different feel for my blog by the end if August . Stay tuned!