Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First post run

I had been walking Monday and Tuesday to loosen up, but did a steady 5.5km today and that seemed to fix any stiffness I had left.

^^ happy gal! ^^

Monday, March 25, 2013

Horrible run

Today was Around the Bay, and though I'd been dreading it, I knew I would finish.
At 10pm the night before, my husband and I decided I'd drive up alone-without him and dragging the kids for the day.
I tossed and turned all night, worrying if I'd be able to find parking, be late, and driving home alone after.

I checked the clock at 1am, 4am and 5:30am. Alarm went off after 6am and I hit snooze once. YAWN
Driving 2 hrs went pretty smoothly- and I did end up finding parking quite easily.
But I just wasn't feeling it. Already I felt defeated at the thought of having no one at the finish.
At 5km I considered quitting- I just like I wanted to go home. 8km I thought I will think about it at 10km.
There was a train going thru at 9km which brought A LOT of runners to a screeching halt.
10km I took a gel and noticed how far off my 10km time I was.
I decided I would finish and not care over time. I put my watch inside my sleeve so I couldn't look at it.
At 15km I stopped at the washrooms, texted Scott and a few friends to update them and I carried on. I felt a bit better with some encouraging words and knowing the first part was done, seemed ok.
Rolling hills and the steep hill were after that, and I did stop for a high 5 from the little person.
From about 12km on I was kicking myself for wearing my Adidas . I had retired them and it became painfully aware thru my toes and top of left foot why I had.
I was running against the wind for the last few km, but all I kept thinking was "it's only 4km and then you are DONE"
From my garmin time I was 20min slower than last year. Disappointed but I realize I just wasn't feeling it today- so considering that, I am pleased I finished.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome spring!

Though it doesn't look very "Springy" outside, the temp did seem a bit warmer today when not in the wind.

Decided to jog thru the fields- the footing was uneven but all fresh undisturbed snow and it was very nice and relaxing.
Slow 5 km.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Few days to 30km

I've been tossing and turning and dreading Sunday. 

My husband says 'Why, you've run it before?"  Which deep down, I know I will do it, and finish it.  I was just hoping that somewhere I've maybe improved a little bit.  And then I think, how do I know I havent.  I've already written myself off as failing (in my mind) and I havent even run it yet.

So trying TRYING to shake out the negativity.  Taking a relaxed week this week in terms of running.  Some treadmill and weights (light) and enlisting my husband for lots of leg massages.

Side note, There are a few virtual races (free) that I registered for.  Great idea to keep you motivated and since I am registered for other runs, I just combine the 2!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring has sprung..........kinda

We had some great weather last week!  It was so nice (but muddy and wet) to run with out the harsh wind in your face.  BUT this morning , I check the temps and it's MINUS 8!  BRRR!

And what does spring bring??  New animals!  Our cat had her babies on Tuesday morning.  She's a black kitty and she had 3 black kitties!

So with the wet melting snow, I've stayed out of the fields and am back to roads.  I've been doing longer distances, and then taking a rest day (weights no running) in between.  During the longer distances, I've been adding some speed bursts here and there. 

I think the ankle soreness in Fall, and then all the trail running, slowed my pace TOO much, and I am attempting to get it back and then get faster......... UGH.