Monday, March 25, 2013

Horrible run

Today was Around the Bay, and though I'd been dreading it, I knew I would finish.
At 10pm the night before, my husband and I decided I'd drive up alone-without him and dragging the kids for the day.
I tossed and turned all night, worrying if I'd be able to find parking, be late, and driving home alone after.

I checked the clock at 1am, 4am and 5:30am. Alarm went off after 6am and I hit snooze once. YAWN
Driving 2 hrs went pretty smoothly- and I did end up finding parking quite easily.
But I just wasn't feeling it. Already I felt defeated at the thought of having no one at the finish.
At 5km I considered quitting- I just like I wanted to go home. 8km I thought I will think about it at 10km.
There was a train going thru at 9km which brought A LOT of runners to a screeching halt.
10km I took a gel and noticed how far off my 10km time I was.
I decided I would finish and not care over time. I put my watch inside my sleeve so I couldn't look at it.
At 15km I stopped at the washrooms, texted Scott and a few friends to update them and I carried on. I felt a bit better with some encouraging words and knowing the first part was done, seemed ok.
Rolling hills and the steep hill were after that, and I did stop for a high 5 from the little person.
From about 12km on I was kicking myself for wearing my Adidas . I had retired them and it became painfully aware thru my toes and top of left foot why I had.
I was running against the wind for the last few km, but all I kept thinking was "it's only 4km and then you are DONE"
From my garmin time I was 20min slower than last year. Disappointed but I realize I just wasn't feeling it today- so considering that, I am pleased I finished.

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