Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Few days to 30km

I've been tossing and turning and dreading Sunday. 

My husband says 'Why, you've run it before?"  Which deep down, I know I will do it, and finish it.  I was just hoping that somewhere I've maybe improved a little bit.  And then I think, how do I know I havent.  I've already written myself off as failing (in my mind) and I havent even run it yet.

So trying TRYING to shake out the negativity.  Taking a relaxed week this week in terms of running.  Some treadmill and weights (light) and enlisting my husband for lots of leg massages.

Side note, There are a few virtual races (free) that I registered for.  Great idea to keep you motivated and since I am registered for other runs, I just combine the 2!




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