Thursday, December 6, 2012

Loving it!

I have to say that I have refound my love of running.  I admit that I had a few weeks of 'eh..... it's run time'. 

The schedule my friend made is pretty aggressive.  Which I am happy for.  I told her I needed something to push me, I had been checking my Garmin dashboard and I had no significant change in 1 year. 
I like having a set schedule and the fact that I will be accountable for doing it.  It's so easy with no schedule, to go out and not run as far, or as fast as you should.  And I think I had been doing that for longer than I like to admit.

I am on week 2, and it's a 50+km week.  I had an appointment Tuesday, which turned it into an unscheduled rest day, so tomorrow that should be my rest day is going to be a run day.  But even after the first week, I feel stronger.  I am excited to see what results will come.

*picked up another 16 beer cans yesterday and 12 today!  Same road, different sides.

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  1. I always fluctuate between loving running sooooo much and then having to really force myself to run. I still like it all the time but there are periods where I love it so much I can't stop!

    glad you've found your love again!