Sunday, September 30, 2012


I came across this run when googling different marathon training plans.  Looked like a ton of fun, but having already committed to the Midsummer Run, I opted out of registering.  PLUS it was a 3 hr drive away. 

Lurking thru a running forum I frequent, I saw that another board member was selling her bib for less than what it was selling for from registering.  80$.  I took it as a sign that I needed to try this run.  Also, coincidently, my BFF Brooke's birthday was that weekend, and she wanted to outlet shop in Niagria Falls, an hour away from Paris Ont. 

OK, contacted the girl, bought her bib, info changed into my info! 

Then I started to stress over if I had the right shoes, how to run on a trail, etc etc.  I brought 3 pairs of shoes with me Saturday morning but ended with my regular distance shoe, Adidas Mana 5.

5 am came pretty early on Saturday morning, but wanted lots of time for getting lost, picking up Brooke (who went out to celebrate her birthday the night before), and picking up my kit.
I woke Piper, she wanted to tag along for the day.  She woke up with no grumpiness and off we went in the pitch black. 

Grabbed Brooked at her friends house in Oshawa, and GPS'd where we needed to go from there.  Laughing for the drive up, we were pretty happy and excited.  Brooke commented on how interesting my run would be considering that my nose was running and I was clogged with phlegm, 

Nearing Paris, we had a little mix up from where we needed to be, stopped and asked some locals who gave PERFECT directions and we turned in the conservation area the same time as 10 other cars...... and then into a line of 40 or more in front of us.  
After parking I walked quickly ahead to grab my kit, and I needed to get into my run clothes as well.  It turned out we still had 40 minutes to race start.  We people watched for a while and saw the 50k'ers off.
10 minutes later, I got in line, and had no idea what I was in store for!   It started off fairly well, hit the 4k mark at about 25 min.  My nose was very clogged and I was mouth breathing, so I needed to stop and blow.  Decided to take a sip of my water since I was already stopped.  Big breath, and carried on. 
At around 8 km, I noticed the difference in muscles it takes to trail run vs road running.  My knees and front leg muscles were throbbing, ankles were angry at the sight of another incline.  My nose continously needed blowing, and I couldnt seem to get a good 'cough' out.    I kept waiting for this steep hill, dreading it!

First lap was done, 1:20:35 . Part of me really considered quitting.  LOL.  I jogged off to the port a potties, peed, blew my nose, stuffed toilet paper in my pockets for more blowing on course,  took a gel and carried on.  I decided now I knew what to expect, I would walk the inclines and then I could speed up on the downhills and flats.  It was WAY more enjoyable.  Talked to a girl on course, and she had run it 4 times before, she laughed when I mentioned that this was my first ever trail run.  YOU CHOSE THIS FOR YOUR FIRST....WAY TO GO!   
I loved the trail parts, when there was a slope and jumping roots, that was really run, the small inclines, continously over and over.....not so much.  Especially trying to work around other people and herded together. 
2nd lap was 1:27:19  which I am sure the 7 minutes lost was the washroom break and the pep talk I had to give myself to carry on! HA.

A little stiff this morning, but shook that out at the Run for the Cure.  Which I only did 2km off because Steele and Paxton were cold and done.  Had 2 of them in one stroller and trying to push. Piper carried on with her gymnastics team, and we met her at the finish line! 

417   417 Pam Christie           2:47:54 SF30-39   54/116    175  6:43 2:47:22  1:20:35 1:27:19  Indian River   

Oddly, my bib number was 417 and I came in 417th place.   :D

Next year?  We'll see, BUT I am signing up for another (shorter, and closer to home) trail run for October.   

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