Monday, October 1, 2012


In mid August, I ordered new in box Newtons (in pink of course) from Ebay.  85$+30 shipping.  Waited FOREVER (well 12 days) and they had come in, my hubby picked them up for me and had to pay 15$ duty. * steam out ears*

Scott brought them home, I ripped open the paper only to see a 10.5 on the outside of box.  WTFH!  I opened the box and a orange pair of mens Newtons. ARGH
I emailed the seller, how stated to send them back, she'd refund the shipping and send out the pink womens 8 I ordered.
I noticed she had sent them out the 19th September, but after the 20th there was NO update on  Finally the 28th, there was an update they were in Canada. 

Well they arrived this morning.  Seeing as I still have a cold and I wanted an easy run, I took them out for a garmin free 5k.  NICE, I am very pleased with them.

Piper's fave part of the Run for the Toad

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