Friday, October 12, 2012


It's been cooler, like 5-9 degree area.  Which is nice, but it's been windy too.  Thankfully the sun and running keep you warm!

I've been using one day a week and running around this corn field, which I LOVE.  It feels almost primal.  And scary.  I've mentioned before how rural we are, and I do fear for bears.  Usually when I run around the field, I run half and turn back the other way-the 'other' side looks dark and is back against ANOTHER field. 
Today I only had time for a short run, (tomorrow is my parents anniversary and they are driving a distance for dinner and a concert tonight)  So I decided to do the full perimetre of the corn field.  Dodging corn husks and jumping over fallen husks, it's pretty fun.  And of course, the new side brought something different to the run.

Trail behind my grandma's to get to field

So pretty today--opening of field
It's a 2k distance the full way around, plus the run to get there and then back was only just under 4 km run but I had a blast.  Next week with more time, I will add more laps to it  AND bring my bear spray!  HA

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  1. Now that's what I'm talking about! Some corn trail running with natural obstacle twists. Way to go Pam! Awesome.