Monday, October 8, 2012

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

I really hate when you get on a great running groove and life gets in the way!

Coming off the Toad run, I had taken the Sunday off, except for a few km at the Run for the Cure.  I really felt good, minimal soreness and was able to start again with Monday, Tues, and Wednesday runs. A little slower, and I had a cold that was lingering, BUT good.  I was planning on running the 5 days, Saturday off for the fair with the kids, and then Sunday's long run to justify Thanksgiving dinner (wink)
 *screeching halt*
 Sick kid Thursday, unexpected day off.   Hmmm, OK make up a few miles on Friday, THAT was the plan, but with my cold and a toddler who HATES HATES HATES to sleep at night, I was tired and only did 5 miles.
Brooke tagged along for Sunday's run.  We run at different paces and different distances.  But it was good.  She brought her brothers puppy--and I did NOT think this dog would handle anything over a mile. Just because, I thought there would be some training with dog running or something.  Nahla the dog is a T.R.O.O.P.E.R. Seriously, ran the whole time! 
So Sundays long run was slower than usual, and shorter but SO enjoyable, we chatted, laughed, posed and it was nice to 'coach' Brooke a bit and get her over her 10k hump.  12.5km done. 

Then life took over again Monday ANOTHER sick's gone thru all 4 now (interesting weekend and a TON of laundry done. ugh)  So hopefully it's gone, unless Scott and I end up getting it.  *knock on wood we don't*   So Monday was a weight day, unless endless cleaning counts as cardio...... ?

Quiet road

On the fire truck ride

Ferris Wheel -he wouldnt move

6+ km turnaraound

Rail way track trail
Tuesday 3/4 are at school, I have no where to go -- long run will be completed.
Love my shoes!

Only took 6 tries for 1 half decent pic!!

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  1. I realize that even though I have running goals they will happen in time, and any run is better than no run..especially a run with a good friend where laughs are shared while running. Bravo to Brook getting over her hump..and the dog..Persevere my friend!