Thursday, October 11, 2012

Suck it up Buttercup

The past few months have NOT been my finest in running.  I feel stuck in a rut, the heat of summer, a cold, kids and life haven't been helping my mileage, training or speed work.

Then I get so concerned over quantity, I forget about quality.  I started thinking to myself, 'When was my last good hill workout, or speed workout?'
*Blushing*  I realized it's been a while.  Today I had been feeling better than I had felt in about a month, SO sucking it up, I headed to a larger STEEPER hill than I usually do for repeats and went for it. 
This is a pretty steep hill.  And usually, I can rock out a hill pretty well, but this one gets me every time.  So I ran up 75% of it, stopped for 5 DEEP breaths, and finished it.  5 times. 

What I love about where this hill is located, is that it has a nice flat road below the hill. So I ened up doing 6x200 intervals, with 200 meter jogs in between.  (the first 2 were walks)
1 km warm up
1 km cool down

I really need a 'schedule' and someone to tell me :  YOU NEED TO RUN THIS (XX) TODAY. 
The 75% (I did stay under 6min/km pace)

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  1. oh are a stellar runner. You have come a long way..and you'll be running for a long time yet to come I have no doubt about that!
    I understand staying IN it though and doing it.
    Way to go on the hill work out. Remember, LOVE it while you're doing it. Quality gives us much more endurance than quantity ever will.