Monday, September 10, 2012

B&O Yorkville 5k

Nicci and I last minute signed up for this run.  And MIRACOUSLY were there about an hour early!!  HUGE for us. Usually we are racing for the run start.

Thankfully we were there early because somehow we were on the sign up sheet but our bibs werent there. So we had to wait at another table for them to make us new bibs. 
The run was held in a nice part of Toronto, had stylish black tees, on-site massagers, black bags, and GORGEOUS black and PINK medals!  I will SO be back for this one.  The proceeds went to YMCA Womens' shelters.

(pssst, there was a Lululemon RIGHT there, literally at the race start~ but didn't open till 11am on Sundays.  BOO!)
And of course, there I was aiming for a sub 25 minute 5k.......... 25:06 was my chip time, my garmin read 25:15 BUT was measured long.  5.14km, so my garmin timed me at 24:31 for a 5k, ummmm so I am taking it! LOL


  1. Omg awesome bling. Love the tree too. Congrats on the time! How many 5kms do you think you have ran altogether?
    Love the look of the shirt too. Looks like the material I love.
    How much was this race? Great cause too!

  2. I'd take it too :) GREAT PR!!!! and nice 5k....I love that medal. I want one :)