Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Check back in 90 days!

I was out shopping in a ((GIANT TIGER!)) store with my mom and my 4 kiddo's yesterday.  *feel free to call me crazy, but I do bring all 4 with me*  They are usually kept in check with the promise of a cheap toy or treat.  BRIBERY DOES WORK!  :D

I've been eyeing the P90X for some time , but refused to pay 140$ for it, and I just suck at downloading anything that needs to be zipped, or changed from one type of file to another.  Well, I looked down, and there was the poor mans version!  10$ for a 10 disc, calender, meal plan etc etc.  It's called Supreme 90 Day.

eSo yesterday was Day 1, chest and back.  It claims to use muscle confusion for its results.  You literally go from one set of workouts to another, with a push/pull combo.  Lighter weights to heavier weights and a stability ball. 
Day 1

It was fun, I broke a sweat, so I will continue.  I don't know if I will do it daily, or just on my non run days.  some days, I will probally do a combo of both.  I've enlisted Sebastian to join me some days.  He wants a six pack PLUS he's a TV/video game junkie, so I need to find some stuff for him to do that he'll enjoy.  BUT I know he does enjoy 'working out' with mommy, and it gives us great 1 on 1 time.

On our way!
Speaking of, I had him join me on a run the other day but he brought his bike.  I gave him the option of HILLS or NO hills.   He chose hills. 

  I promised him NO hills next time.  HA!  But despite the hills, heat and having to walk his bike up a few hills, he survived just under 5 miles and did not complain one time!!




  1. Girl you already look ripped LOL

    That's awesome about Sebastien. Way to go Momma Kitty.

    I think those hills look fun!

  2. I agree! your stomach looks amazing :) and I think I need to head to GT today and get my P90 poor mans version :)

    I love that your little man comes with you...and tackles hills ...I can't wait till Logan is old enough to workout with me ;) right now he just sits on me while I'm in plank pose ;P

    1. Let me know if you can't find it at your local GT, I will mail it to you!