Monday, July 16, 2012

Running, What's that?

I swear, I feel like I haven't had a decent run in WEEKS!  I've gotten out there, I've ruuuuuuuuun, but the heat and humidity has been overpowering!  PLUS the whole dog bite fiasco, I've had to find a new trail to run.  (The dog bite route was awesome as it was so treed, it was shaded, even if it was 2 in the afternoon.

Last week, I had a gentleman come running up behind me on a dirt back road, which terrified me after getting bitten.  We chatted while running which was a WHOLE new thing for me.  I RUN ALONE. But it was nice, and a good change, we ran till his turn around point and I carried on home. I was able to hold a 5:30 (km) pace, after already running 12km, having a conversation in 4000 degree heat! Ha.

Other side, I am soon going to have arms like Arnold if this heat continues.  Admittedly, my weight workouts had been kicked to the curb lately, but when it's this hot, and my 'gym' is in my basement..... ` IF I really want to run, I'm going to have to plug in the dread treadmill.

Pretty feild
Yesterday the heat was so bad, I actually used my cell and had my dad come and pick me up b/c I just couldn't do another 10km.

Found some shade! Stopped for a guzzle of water
I write my Personal Training exam in ONE month, which I haven't even opened the book.  I know 'how' to work out, and I have always had the ability to make it work, but it's all the technical stuff I need to get and terms.
Hope it shows, but been so hot, the rainbow around the sun
Love the sound of these roads under my feet


  1. your arms put mine to shame! to shame!!!! you are amazing :) and I feel you on the running. I felt like that for a while. I have speed work tonight - it's my first real running "workout" in a while. I hope I kick it!

  2. Holy pipes! Love it! Hey, at least you've been out there running. I hear you on a 'good' run though. There's runs where ya just damn well enjoy it no matter what obstacles get in the way.
    Bravo for doing what you gotta do though..
    Open that f'n book will ya and get your shit together for your exam lol