Thursday, July 5, 2012

Running Safety

A few weeks ago, I was concerned about my safety while running and how much I may take it for granted.  I do run in pretty rural areas, and generally don't carry a phone.  I have had a man approach me 2 times, albeit 2 times with a three year span in between. HA!
I did purchase some pepper spray, but haven't taken it with me,, as it's been so hot, IF I am going to carry any extra 'stuff' it's going to be water.

So not even thinking A DOG would invade my personal space, today I was bitten while running!  It was a route I've run before, and it was an out and back, so I had just run thru there 20 or so minutes before. NO ISSUES EVER!

It was a hot day, and I generally run against traffic (as we should).  BUT the opposite side of the road was shaded, so I switched.  Thankfully, because being on the opposite (right hand) side, gave me a few extras seconds.  I was passed the driveway (it was on left), and on the opposite side of the road, and I heard very loud barks and getting closer. *I had my earphones in one ear*  I turned and saw this dog running straight for me.  I yelled once GET BACK, and it came behind me and grabbed onto my right leg, behind my knee. I tried kicking at it with my left leg, and looking back to the house, noticed a car in the driveway.  I was screaming HEY and OW.  No one came out.  The dog turned and ran back towards the home.  I walked swiftly farther from there, and stopped at the next house. I noticed their mail flag up and no car, so I stood and cried.  Very much in shock, I decided to look at my leg, it was really stinging.  It was puntured pretty bad, and purple.
I walked the last few kilometers home, in shock and mad.  Full intentions of driving back and giving someone a peice of my mind.  Etc etc. 
I got back to my mom's and called my dr's office.  UGH, on vacation till Monday.  Then I called the police and reported it.  I was mad and decided I shouldn't feel afraid to run AND a dog shouldnt be territoral of THE ROADS!   I've had dogs bark before, and most MOST people have invisible fencing.  Just insane.
So then I had the pleasure of spending 2 hours in the ER waiting to get a tentanus shot. The police are supposed to follow up with me and let me know if the dog has had all his shots, and what the owners say etc etc.
Hopefully I don't need rabie shots!  ARGH!


  1. That's a nasty one hon. Have you heard anything?
    Will you be taking your pepper spray from now on?

  2. I haven't heard anything!

    Scott, my dad and my father in law (male protective thing??) want me to take the guy to small claims. lol

    I'm pretty upset over it, and a neighbours dog is NEVER leashed and came running up to me. (a boxer type) and I am yelling at the owner, and he's like 'OH she's a doll, don't worry.'