Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is it hot in here??

WHAT THE EFF?? Who turned up the heat?
I remember this from last year, which was the whole reason I had dropped from the Midsummer 30k to the 15k, lol, BUT I refuse to allow myself to do it this yr.
There has been some crazy humidity going on, and I actually took 2 days off from running and did some in gym basement workouts.  I know most would say 'Why not get up early and run?"  Well 2 of my 4 kids don't like sleeping, and sometimes it's 4:30a before I even get to sleep!
So today ended up being a run/walk combination, that I tell myself will serve as intervals for this wk!

So I have mentioned before that I run some very VERY rural routes. And I definitely see some cool things. Now that I bring my IPOD touch with me, I can get more pics to post.
one did not hatch
Last week, I saw some Snapper turtle eggs.
Slight brag of one of the hills that I run:
Hard to see, but inbetween the trees at the VERY top is the top!!


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  1. Wow! That hill is enormous! Good job! I've always wanted to run the Midsummer race. Thinking about doing it this year!! Way to rock your runs even in this crazy heat we've been having!