Monday, November 19, 2012

People are sick!

I've been noticing a ton of garbage in the ditch lately out on my runs.  Like bags of garbage, a toilet, car batteries, the dash of a car, and some large sort of blanket or tent. 
It really bothers me that people have no mind of what that does to our environment. !!!

This summer, my son and I picked up over 100 beer cans while we were out running and riding. INSANE!  And king can sized, like these people are driving!

OK, rant over.

I'm a little worried about my ankle.  I noticed it 'sore' after the Mad Dog Scramble, but assumed it was the different type of running and going sideways down some of the mudslides.
After last weeks Downsview Half, DURING the half, I noticed it felt tight.   Last week, I did 3 slow 5k runs to test it and rest it.  And it felt ok.  More bruised when I touch it and it has been getting itchy on the skin outside of it.

After yesterdays 12 mile long run, this am, it's pretty achy and a slight limp when I walk.  YIKES!



So alas, probally no run today.
I tried my injinji socks yesterday for the first time.  LOVE them, I was very unsure even at first putting them on.  I have many 'toe' socks, but never have run in them.  very comfy, didnt slide and I didnt even notice the separated toes. A+.  
Hmmm, looking at that pic, my right ankle does look slightly swollen. (that pic is pre run)

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  1. That's it. I'm getting myself a pair. Been hanging on the edge about it long enough. I see some merino wool ones all the time calling to me!

    Bummer about the garbage. It is a big problem in our world.