Thursday, November 1, 2012


Well, probally the most fun I've had in a pair of running shoes!  Sunday morning, Nicci and I drove to a top secret location (we knew the start but not the course) and it was COLD and it was RAINY. 
Finding the school kit pick up area was pretty easy--love GPS on my phone!  And it was in a gorgeous area, the houses were huge and beautiful.
We arrived with an hour to spare, and grabbed our kits, bibs and went back to the car to fuel up and chat.
Everyone was given a "group" number for start times. Nicci was a 4, I was a 6 and there was no particular order to the starts.  You were either Wild, Crazy or Insane!!
Slower runners started first (they asked 5k, 8k finish times during registration) and they started putting people into coral groups.  I kept waiting as they were letting runners go, me and 3 other 6's.  We were 2nd last to leave.  One guy was all by himself and he was group 11. 
I didnt quite understand the 'process' but Wild, Crazy and Insane all had different run routes and some were shorter, the faster you were the farther you ran.  BUT I didnt notice other paths on the course (marked off in pink ribbon) but there were volunteers telling you left or right etc.  So obviously it WAS there, they were watching your number on your bib and then directing.

They had given warnings at race start, USE THE ROPES on the hills.  OMG hilly and muddy, and so thankful for the ropes!  It was hilarious.  Jumping logs and the friendly competition but oddly teamwork was just so much fun.
We crossed some parking lot and then ended up back into the forest again, and there was a dead raccoon hidden in the leaves, coincidence or left by the trail coordinater, not sure, but kinda eery.
They had mentioned in the email updates, that there would be at least 1 water crossing, there was 3!  and knee height and COLD.  After the 3 crossing, it was up one last hill (so steep we needed a rope) and then up the side street back to the school finish.  My legs were numb from the knee down from the cold of the water, it was hard to pick up a good 'finishing' pace. 
I had wore my Adidas Mana's for this run.  They have probally 1000km on them and what ever tread they did have is literally flat.  Not ideal for most of this run, there were great on the regular leafy path, but the muddy down hills I definitely WIPED OUT!  Probally a lot harder then I felt at the time, but I laughed my ass   butt off.  I had mud caked under my nails, I had it on the band of my garmin, the palms of my hands and well covered from the waist down. 
I had hit my garmin off during one fall, and then noticed and turned it back on, and then forgot to turn it off when I was done.  So I have no idea of my time and I am short the distance.  They haven't posted results yet, I am curious--but I know I wasnt in the top 4.  *wink*
It's a small run, and apparently been going for 21 years.  Very well run, everyone seems to know everyone and they were all very friendly.  First, second and fourth place to all runners, and then a dirtiest dog as well.  I was sure I should could have had it, but there was a kid who won instead. Eh next yr??  I did win a tee in the door prizes.

I REALLY am digging the trail runs.  I am excited to see what I add to the 2013 run agenda with more trails!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Not sure she even ran, she was so clean!

Butt slide

scaling some steep hills


  1. That is awesome! I look forward to doing such runs! Way to go! What was the name of this one and where? You girls look fantastic. Even dirty. Almost sounds like obstacles were added in. I mean, trail ones can have natural ones but Spartan runs have man made ones. The ropes sounded interested, the water crossing, and jumping! Gets me excited. lol I have some Canadian Trail sites bookmarked. I hope to do more in 2013 as well but something tells me I'll be marching to the military drum next year. So maybe the year after!

  2. Was thinking about your shoes during spin class...1000km and they got you thru that trail run. Bravo. Did you buy a new pair of trail runners yet? LOL

    1. The run was the MAD DOG SCRAMBLE which was SO fun, but they STILL havent posted any results etc! GRR!

      I have NOT purchased trail shoes yet, but have my eye on a few pairs. Want to find a pair similar to my NB minimus b/c they are super comfy!
      2013 will definitely have me on more trails then roads I think.... ;)

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad there were ropes....I would've fallen regardless but it's nice to know they set you up for success. You friend lookscompletely clean....I'd have pushed her into the mud ;) lol