Monday, August 27, 2012

Game change plan!

So I have a friend who has run like 10 marathons and last week just finished the Ironman! WHAAT!?! 
I have discussed with her my marathon plans and she suggested the GOODLIFE as a first.  The crowds are great spectators and cheer the runners, and it's a fast and downhill course.  AND HEY, it gives me 250 days to train!  HA!

I have decided though, to take on a impromtu 25 kilometer trail run.  EEEK, never done a trail run before! Do I need different shoes?  How does it work?

Last week was a slow week from running.  I did a few slooooow runs and then took a full 3 days off. We had taken the kids to Great Wolf Lodge, and Marine Land ($$$).  My highlight was COACH factory store!

So today was a back at 'er day . Warm, but overcast and drizzly and got in a 13.5km run.  Didn't time myself today, as I was kicking beer cans into piles, then Sebastian and I drove back and picked them up.  We decided to save for a trip out West next summer!


  1. Hey I already texted you about this post but way to switch it up. I think trail running is so much fun. The scenery is to die for and the trails keep you on your toes! Literally if up hill hahaha You know my opinion on the trail shoes too. I think ya should wear em but you do what you think is best for you..I want to try the extra grip with the tread, and supposedly for the balls of the feet there is more support than a regular runner..cos I tell ya the balls of my feet were sore. Wish I could do it with ya..I'm sure we'll have lots more to run together. Way to take some time off too. Sounds like it was a fun run after three days off ..I'm doing this same this week.

  2. omfg girl can you please take off the word verification..its embarassing to say how many times it just took me to send that message..and then I came back to tell you that I love the page update!