Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dreadmill..... opps I mean Treadmill!

Well in this HOT HOT weather, I've decided to use the treadmill.  Went on last night, and not much cooler!  That is with a fan blowing directly on me, in the basement, with the lights off! WOW, sweat much!!
I may have to drag out my older treadmill that has the fans built right in to the dash of it. 
I did keep my 'schedule' of in the 6+ km range, doing 6.45km in 34min.  Back at it tonight! I really loathe the treadmill, I get bored easily, must be my undiagnosed ADHD.

 I find watching during Big Brother helps!  I slow down during the show, then turn up the speed for commercials. 

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