Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little blue people

I have mentioned in an earlier post about the missing Garmin...... I have posted a LOST & FOUND sign, turned the house upside down, run the same route for 3 days in a row looking down and to the left, tore the woods near my parents up (where my stroller was parked), emptied every single cubby out of my desk-run bag-purse-truck!!  NO GARMIN!
Today as I was changing for run, I was on phone whining about how much I missed my Garmin to Scott-lifted on thing on my desk, WTF theres my 305!!!  SO happy to have it back! YIPPEE!!  My mom says that's 'the little blue people!' 
Not sure she means the smurfs....?

Took it out for the first time in nearly a week. EH run.  SOOOOO HOT, HUMID-plus I had a crappy day, so 11km done today which took me 1:07:xx 

I walked ALOT today. Boo on me!  RAIN PLEASE!!

Side note: Can I log the runs up and down the stairs to my waking infant??  That has to be 1 or 2 extra miles a day!

DOUBLE side note: 42min was time on the Warrior Dash. Damn hills......

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